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Visual content is known to be the highly popular and appealing one. It can be any image, video, GIF, infographic, etc. They seem to be more memorable and attractive than the written content. People rush toward the video content.

They feel very pleased to view different videos and wish to share them with their friends. These can be funny videos, tutorials, cooking videos, or any other. The availability of the online video downloader makes it easier to save exciting videos on your device.

Gone are the days of hurdles and complexities! Now, there is no need to install any software to download the video. Save videos without putting much strain on your device! The installation of different video downloading software leads to the pathetic performance of the devices.

They consume much space in the smartphone, and the processing often takes much time to save the video. The advent of video downloaders online perfectly combats all such issues and provide the platform to download videos instantly.

Let us rush towards the best online video downloader to experience the best outcomes:

1. SmallSEOTools Video Downloader

The video downloader of SmallSEOTools is the most popular one. People use it quite often due to its friendly interface. It does not demand the installation of it.

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Get quality videos with the perfect audio and resolution! Rely on this best and most prestigious online video downloader to save videos.

It offers the perfect safety and security to your content and does not leak privacy at all. The high accuracy and efficient performance won the heart of the customers.

Videos can be downloaded for both professional and personal purposes. Relish the downloading of unlimited videos without any penny for it!

2. Catchvideo

One of the most exciting video downloaders is Catchvideo which does not need to be installed. It offers the flexibility to download the videos within the least possible time.

The best feature of this video downloader is that it allows you to download the videos you desire. The URL of the video is ample to mention in this video downloader.

It would automatically process the video from the added link and come up with the best possible outcomes. 

3. VideoDownloader.net

VideDownloader is a huge name in the world of online video downloaders. Just like other tools for downloading amazing and fascinating videos you can rely on this video downloader. The most fabulous feature of it is that it offers excellent quality video.

There is no need to worry about the video quality. Previously, video downloading took much time, and effort and was found to be a frustrating process.

But, now no more! People can enjoy downloading as many videos as they like in the wink of an eye. 

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Videos from Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, or other platforms can be saved with excellence at this downloader. If you are eager to get the video without sound, then you can select the option to mute sound. 

4. GetVideo

GetVideo is the video downloader that supports multiple amazing software. These include 3Gpp, WEBM, MP4, and various other formats. You can enjoy saving the video in the resolution of your choice. It offers a huge range of options for downloading the video.

These include Ultra HD, Full HD, HD, 480p, etc. Hence, you can give priority to the resolution of your desire. The swiftness to download the video is ideal at GetVideo. A single click on the Download button would get you closer to your ultimate destination. 

5. Savefrom.net

Another amazing and free-to-use online tool is Savefrm.net. It is a well-known video downloader that reflects amazing support for multiple websites.

Hence, you can choose the most ravishing videos from Vimeo, Facebook, and Daily Motion to download on your device. It also offers the facility to add the plugin to your search engine. Hence, you can instantly accomplish the process of video downloading by using this. 

When you activate the plugin to your Chrome browser, then you will observe the download button under every video. When you scroll through the videos, then the videos will have the download button under them.

Hence, there is no need to copy and paste the video URL into the online tool after the activation of its plugin. 

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6. YouTubeMP4

Exploring for the easiest way to download videos? YouTubeMP4 is an online video downloader that offers hassle-less downloading. It utilizes the video URL to fetch the video quite instantly.

When it successfully fetches the video, then hits the Download button. You are all done and will get the video downloaded within seconds. Hence, you can upload it on your status, share it with your friends or view it whenever you like.

FAQs On How To Download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube videos to mp4

1. Copy the YouTube video link you would like to download.
2. Paste the YouTube video link into the text box on the homepage of any of the YouTube video downloaders listed on this page.
3. Wait while their servers process the video and generate download links for you.
4. Once they successfully generate the download links, you can click on the version of the video you’d like to save.
5. Download formats will include, MP4, M4A, and WEBM.

How to download YouTube videos without any software

As mentioned earlier in this post, you can use one of the online video downloaders to download your YouTube videos without getting the software.

How can I download YouTube videos directly?

As we all know, you can’t download a YouTube video directly onto your computer or smartphone unless you use online video downloaders like Savefrom.net, VideoDownloader.net, SmallSEOTools Video Downloader, and many others.

How to download YouTube videos on a laptop With Chrome

Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader is a feature-rich browser extension that you can use to download YouTube videos.

You’ll have to download Addoncrop through CrossPilot, an extension that lets you add Opera add-ons to Chrome.

After downloading this extension, you’ll see a Download icon on any YouTube video beside the Like button. You can download it by simply clicking the Download icon.

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