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Have you used the Snap Map feature in the Snapchat app before? How accurate is Snapchat Map? And can you use the Snap Map for your business? If these queries are going on in your mind, you’re in the right place.

For the past 1 month, I have been observing the Snapchat app and its features to see how it will help entrepreneurs in their businesses. I have published many articles about the Snapchat App, such as: What does pending mean on Snapchat? And today’s post, I will talk about the Snap Map feature in the Snapchat app.

There are a lot of controversies around Snap Map, and this post will answer all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Snapchat Map. You’re missing a lot if you’re a small business owner and are not utilizing this feature.

So before we get started, let’s first understand what the Snap Map feature is all about:

What Is Snap Map?

To better understand the Snap Map feature, let’s read what Snapchat posted on its site concerning this feature.

I like the Snap Map for so many reasons. It allows you to share your location with your friends or followers. On the Snap Map, Snapchatters are represented by their Bitmoji, an avatar likeness of the user placed on the map relevant to their real-life location.

How Accurate Is Snapchat Map?

The Snap Map is 100% accurate and responsive. If a user has location enabled on their device and actively uses the app, it will display their place on the Snap Map in real-time. However, there are specific circumstances where the Snap Map may provide incorrect location information. Make sure you read my post on adding a location to Snapchat if you still need to do that.

Snap Map is susceptible to many variables that may impact overall accuracy, much like an application that uses real-time data. Although it makes a valuable reference, you should rely on something other than it to confirm someone’s whereabouts.

Is Snapchat Map Real-Time?

The Snap Map is accurate, and it provides real-time location as well. While changes to the place are promptly logged and updated, there may occasionally be a wait before you can see the changes on your map.

The Snap map is a great feature that connects family and friends worldwide. Users must have their location set to visible and actively use Snapchat for real-time updates to work correctly. A strong internet connection is vital for the real-time location to reflect.

Can Snapchat Location Be Wrong?

The Snapchat Map may display an incorrect location due to several circumstances. I will talk about this later on in this post.

The idea of the Snap Map is to know the whereabouts of your friends while using the app. However, there may still be some inconsistencies.

NB: The Snap Map should only serve as a guide to knowing the location or area of a person and not specify someone’s actual position.

How Far Off Can Snapchat Location Be?

Snapchat tracks your location and pinpoints you on a map using the GPS on your phone. The GPS on your phone typically has an accuracy range of 25 to 125 feet.

This suggests that a location on the Snap Map is likely to fall inside that range. Your Snapchat location can be even more inaccurate if you are in a densely populated region.

Snap Map locations are often precise when functioning correctly, at least up to about a hundred feet. It can be a terrific way to meet up with your friend in a strange place, provided you can confirm their whereabouts in advance.

What Does Within ‘X’ ft Mean on Snapchat?

To let you know when you are close to a friend or place on the Snap Map, Snapchat uses this method. When trying to locate a person or place in an unfamiliar area, your phone’s GPS can be helpful.

The “Within X ft” notification’s accuracy may be affected by network congestion and poor internet connections. Before utilizing this feature, check that your internet connection is steady to guarantee that you receive the most precise and recent notification.

How To Get Your Business On Snap Map 

As a business owner on the Snapchat App, it is vital to use the platform efficiently. You can use the Snap Map to attract prospective customers to your store or office.

Many small businesses list their services on the Snap Map, also known as the “Place Listing.” The Place Listing will allow you to detail your location, website, working hours, price category, etc.

It works exactly as the Google My Business listing. Other Sanapchatters can get directions to your store, know your working hours, and even contact you on the phone.

And for those who run a hotel or restaurant business, customers can even make a reservation via the Place Listing. When you post a snap, tag your location with it. This will help Snapchatters to find your business location directly from their story.

Another way a customer can find your business location is when they search for your business name or brand via the Snap Map.

How To Share Your Location With Your Friends On Snapchat

After adding your location on Snapchat, you can share it with your friends, so they know your location. And the steps below will help you do that in minutes:

  1. Open the Map
  2.  Tap the ⚙️ button at the top of the Map screen
  3.  Tap ‘My Friends’

When you allow “My Friends,” it will share your location with all of your friends, including friends you will add in the future. It doesn’t apply to people.

This option excludes individuals who have added you as a friend but to whom you have not added back. And Snapchat will periodically ask if you still want to let your friends know where you are if you select that option.

What To Do Next:

This piece of content has helped you understand how accurate the Snapchat Map is and how you can use it for your business. If you still need to list your business on the ‘Place Listing,’ kindly do that as soon as possible to reach more customers.

FAQs About How Accurate Is Snapchat Map

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Snap Map we have covered for you.

What Is A Place Listing On Snapchat?

In Snapchat, the site has its own Place Listing if you have an office address. A list of places contains the contact information of a company you are interested in.

This listing provides information about the location and website, hourly prices, and business details. Like a Google My Business List, which lists business locations and places, listings are also available to guide companies.

Who Can See My Location?

You can make your location public or only share it with your friends. You can select “My Friends” in the Snap Map when tagging your snap with a location. And this will allow all your friends to see your place.

How Can I Share My Location With Snapchat?

Step 1: In the Snapchat app, open the chat with the friend you want to share your live location with and tap the friend’s name at the top of the screen. 
Step 2: Tap “Share My Live Location.” 
Step 3: Snapchat will give you more information about this feature.

How Can I Hide My Location On Snapchat?

To hide your location on Snapchat, you can go to “Ghost Mode ” or “My Friends.” Selecting Ghost Mode allows you to keep your movements private, and no one will see you on the Snap Map.

However, selecting “My Friends” will only reveal your location to all your friends on Snapchat.

How Do I Request Location On Snapchat?

Open Snapchat. Go to Chat and tap the profile icon of the friend to whom you wish to make the location access request. From Snap Map, select Request (User’s) Location. The option will turn to a dull grey with the message “Location Requested…” indicating awaiting a response from the receiver’s end.

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