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How to create a YouTube channel for small business

According to the latest YouTube statistics, the video-sharing platform has over 2.3 billion monthly users worldwide as of 2021 (Statista, 2021). 

YouTube is the leading video streaming platform of internet entertainment and education.

Millions of people use YouTube to learn new ideas and get valuable information from their big brands.

Creating a YouTube channel for your small business is the best way to communicate with your customers.

In this post, youths4success shares with you the best way to start a successful YouTube channel for your small business. Plus, you will get a 30-days free trial of Canva to create your YouTube artwork and thumbnails.

Why Create A youTube Channel For Your Business?

Creating a YouTube Channel for your small business has so many opportunities. YouTube is one of the giant search engines second to google. So guess what?

There are more people (Customers) hanging around YouTube.
Therefore, casting your net (Business Service) into this platform will help your business in the following means:

Boost your brand

As I said earlier, YouTube has more users, which makes it second only to Google. Though, Google owns YouTube, so no big deal after all. In 2021, there are nearly 2.3 billion YouTube users worldwide.

Marketer goes where their ideal customers hang around. And of the place is YouTube. So, by consistently utilizing YouTube for your business, you increase your chances of putting your brands in front of people worldwide.

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Acquired organic traffic

Traffic is the essence of internet marketing. Getting the right people who are interested in your business or service is every marketer’s dream. 

YouTube gives you organic traffic for people who are interested in your services. 

Like Google, a person can type into the search bar searching for the best X or product, and a website pops up. People do the same with YouTube to find videos that will explain or solve their problems.

Using YouTube for your business will attract these potential customers to your website organically.

✔ Videos Have High Conversion Rates

The strategy of using videos in marketing is one of the successful ways to catch customers’ attention. People are more prone to visualize content than blog content or text.

Besides, Amazon and eBay, reported that adding a video ad to a product description increases the chances of a shopper buying that item by up to 35%. 

It means video ads blend two things that grab user attention: movement and sound. Both of these play a significant role in communicating an effective message, hence leading to better engagement.

Videos help your brand build trust and authority in such a unique way.

YouTube Also Gives You Another Source Of Revenue

YouTube also gives you another source of revenue, either through Ads or monetizing your videos with affiliate programs.

You can further build a steady email subscribing list from your YouTube channel to sell your services.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Small Business

I believe at this stage, you know some of the benefits of creating a Youtube channel for your business. Now, let’s start creating our business YouTube channel the right way.

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Step1. Create Your Google Account (Gmail)

The first step to create a YouTube channel is to get a Gmail account. 

If you already have a Gmail account, cool. But you can also create a new one and dedicate that one to your business YouTube channel.

Provide your first and last name to generate the username of your email account. 

NB: Please, do not use your business name at this stage. I will show you when to provide your business name for the account later in this process.

Step 2. Create Your YouTube Channel

Having a Gmail account automatically creates a YouTube channel for you. 

However, we need to customize our channel to make it more appealing.

To do that, log in to the YouTube homepage, and click on the account avatar. See screenshot below:

How To Create A YouTube Channel For  Small Business

Click on “My channel” from the drop-down options and let’s customize your business channel.

Alternatively, you can also create a business YouTube channel by visiting here and click on add or manage channel to create your business channel.

Step 3. Channel Customization

Bravo! You have created your YouTube channel successfully. Now it’s time for customization. Let design your channel to grab visitors attention and search engine also.

Pay very close attention to the following steps. Customizing your YouTube channel the right way will help you stand out from the competition and make you unique with your brand.

Click on the Customize Channel tap, and let’s proceed to the customization. You will see the following tabs: 

  1. Layout
  2. Branding
  3. Basic Info.
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Enter the information that will help describe your brand and also rank you on YouTube search results by optimizing it with keywords in mind.

Step 4. Set up channel icon and artwork

Your channel icon and artwork should tell what your business is about so you can target your ideal customers on YouTube.

Use Canva to create a high-resolution image for your YouTube Channel. Canva has so many features and already made templates you can use to design any graphics.

It saves you from the cost of buying expensive products such as Photoshop or Adobe. As you’re starting, I suggest you use Canva for all your graphic works.

Channel icon: 800×800 pixels but it displays as 98×98 pixels.
Channel Banner: 2,560×1440 pixels but with text and logo cropping it displays in 1546 x 423 pixels.

Write a short description of what your business is about by using keywords that will help you appear more on YouTube search.

You can use SemRush to check keywords that people are searching more and include them in your descriptions.

Give your channel a nice look by uploading your channel’s art and icons. You can also include all your social media accounts and website under the links section. Doing this will give your other online presence exposer.

Step 5. Upload Your First YouTube Video

Uploading videos to YouTube is simple. Now that your channel is up and running, it’s time to share your content with the world.

Hop over to the create button in the top-right corner, and YouTube will guide you through the whole process.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For  Small Business

Now It’s Your Turn: Create A YouTube Channel For Your Small Business

You have successfully created your YouTube channel for your small business. I would be sharing more tips and hacks to grow your YouTube channel on this platform.

But, in the meantime, keep visiting this site to learn more ways to boost your videos on YouTube and attract more views and subscribers.

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