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Where To Get Royalty Free Music For Videos

Finding quality background music for YouTube videos is quite a challenge. It is not only the YouTube content creators who face this challenge, but almost every content creator strives to get royalty-free music for their project.

Without a music background too, your video will not convey a good message to your audience. So, it is vital to get a piece of music for your YouTube video background.

This post will show you ways to get royalty-free (no copyright) music for your videos without any takedown or infringement.

Therefore, if you’re looking for free music to give a touch of sentimental feel to your videos or projects, this page is the right option for you.

So whether you want free music for Podcast, Twitch, Instagram, Ads videos, or presentations, you’re in the right place.

Where To Get Royalty Free Music For YouTube

This paragraph will reveal some of the legit sites where you can get royalty free music for your YouTube videos. Below are where to get royalty free music

First on our list is:

✔ Audio Library

Where To Get Royalty Free Music

We can’t neglect the YouTube Audio Library if we’re looking for royalty-free (no copyright) music for our YouTube videos.

YouTube knows what’s best for you than any other. So, they have a list of free music and sound effect you can use in your videos for free without any copyright infringement.

You can sort from genre, instrument, mood, artist, duration, and license type.

YouTube content creators are free to download and use these no copyright music and sound effect for their content without the fear of any takedown request.

✔ Thematic

Where To Get Royalty Free Music

Thematic is a free peer-to-peer marketplace that empowers and enables creators to find and use great songs from real artists in their videos.

No claims. No takedowns. No worries.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and start downloading your favorite music for your YouTube videos. You also get the chance to filter thousands of free music clips by genre, vocal, mood, community, and tempo.

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Thematic provides premium music for free that any creators can use. And downloading music from Thematic is very easy.

You filter the type of music you want for your video and click on the album to play.

You will see a download arrow. Click on it to have your song and the attribution link to credit the artist. Giving attribution will prevent you from any copyright claims.

✔ FreePD

copyright free music for YouTube video background

FreePD is my favorite site to download royalty-free music (no copyright) for my Podcast and YouTube Videos.

I like them because you can use their song without giving attribution to the artist. But you have to show appreciation tho.

You’re free to modify, distribute, and use for commercial purposes without any takedown or copyright issues. Their interface is also easy to sort any music, ranging from romantic, electronics, comedy, epic drama, and horror.

✔ Free Music Archive

Where To Get Royalty Free Music

Another way to get royalty-free music for your videos or projects is the Free Music Archive portal.

This website comes with a variety of songs curated by other sites and different license plays. And this is where you should be very careful when downloading music from Free Music Archive.

To start browsing Free Music Archive for audio, you can use it for your videos, go to ‘Curators‘ in the top menu, and select ‘Music for Video.’ 

By default, you will not see the music you can use commercially, so you need to check ‘allows for commercial use‘ in the side menu, and you can also select a genre that specifies if you only want instrumental songs.

✔ Unminus

Where To Get Royalty Free Music

Unminus is another excellent way to get free music for your YouTube videos or any other content without any copyright infringement or takedown request.

“Crediting isn’t required but is appreciated and allows artists to gain exposure.” -Unminus

It means you can use their music for commercial and non-commercial purposes for free.

✔ FreeSound

copyright free music for YouTube video background

FreeSound also provides free music you can use to edit your YouTube videos or podcasts without any copyright issues. It started in 2005, and it still stands as the best music library for creators and artists to collaborate.

It is an open-source platform where users can upload music under Creative Commons licenses that enable their reuse. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, browse the sounds you like using keywords and download your free music.

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✔ Musopen

copyright free music for YouTube video background

Musopen is one of the places to get free music for all your content without any copyright issues. It operates under the freemium model, which provides music for creators free of charge.

In addition, they provide recordings, sheet music, music applications, and educational materials to the public for free. So you are free to use music from this site without worries.

It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse royalty-free music by composer, performer, instrument, tag, form, or time.

You can download songs composed by legends like Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In addition, Munopen allows you to download orchestra music and piano music for your YouTube videos.

✔ Looperman

Looperman is a community for musicians. The goal is to provide instrumental loops and acapella vocals to other musicians for their projects.

But you can still find free music to download for your YouTube videos. Since it’s a community, they cannot guarantee that a user hasn’t uploaded something they don’t own (they aren’t allowed to, so you should be safe in theory, but the site doesn’t make any guarantees).

If you want to use vocals, it seems like you have to talk to the person who owns the vocals about whether you can use them commercially or whether you need to include attribution.

✔ Sound Gator

copyright free music for YouTube video background

Sound Gator is all about free sound effects. You’re free to use sound effects downloaded from Sound Gator in your games, presentations, YouTube videos, but you’re not allowed to sell or modify them. Just use it in your content!

If you’re looking for significant sound effects for your YouTube videos, then Sound Gator is the way to go.

Always read their terms and condition before using any sound effects from their website.

Another safe way to get royalty-free music (no copyright) music for your videos is right on YouTube. We have a channel like “No Copyright Music” that uploads creative commons license music that creators can download to edit their content for free.

They include download links in their description where you can get all the songs you like for free.

copyright free music for YouTube video background

Like the one above, “No Copyright Sounds” is another YouTube channel that also provides copyright-free music for content creators without any takedown request.

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Their purpose is to help the content creators community to have premium music for their projects.

They work with artists worldwide to provide sounds in electronic music, genres like Electro Pop, Drum, and Bass.

You’re free to download any music they upload via the description and always give the artist credit to avoid any copyright issues.

✔ Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is another platform to get royalty-free music for your content like YouTube videos, Instagram videos, podcasts, and Twitch. It comes with easy to use interface that gives you detailed descriptions of each song before downloading.

Using music from this site won’t attract any copyright issues. All you have to do is put the attribution in the credits. They want their artist to get exposure, so putting attribution links in your YouTube video description is a safe way to go.

✔ TeknoAXE

copyright free music for YouTube video background

All of the music on TeknoAXE is covered under a CC4.0 license, which means you can share and adapt the music for any purpose so long as you provide attribution.

This is how you can download free music from TeknoAXE:

  • Search for music according to the type of genre you like.
  • You can get electronic dance music, rock and metal music, orchestra and soundtrack, and miscellaneous free downloads. You’ll see thumbnails of all the songs in that category.
  • Click on the one you want.
  • It will take you to the song page, where you can listen and download the mp3 for free.

What Is Royalty-FREE Music?

Royalty-Free music is a solution that allows you to add music that is not yours to your project legally.

Are All Royalty-FREE Music Really FREE?

There is both free and paid royalty-free music. So, always read the terms and condition of the website listed above.

What Does Background Music Mean?

Background music means any song that you put in your video or project to be heard at a low volume. It gives a warm touch to your videos or presentations so that your audience will understand you better.

Why Has Royalty-FREE Music Become So Important?

YouTube requires that you have to own the rights to the music you use in your videos, or you must have the legal license of the music if it’s from another person.
So, it is essential to use royalty-free music for your videos to avoid any content takedown or demonetization.


Now that you know where to get royalty free music for your YouTube videos, what are you waiting for? Visit these sites and start download your free music for your Video project.

Do you have any question about where to get royalty free music online? We always answer to questions in the comment section, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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