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We can all agree that arranging an insurance policy can be stressful if you are not guided properly. With the Smart Insurance Web App, you can get all your personal line insurance (motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and personal accident) done directly through the internet and at your convenience by combining the convenience of mobile technology with the simplicity of a web-based application.

Say goodbye to inconvenient and strenuous office visits and hello to quick, easy, and competitive premium insurance cover arrangements with Smart Insurance.

Effortless Renewal with Competitive Edge

The Smart Insurance Web App is revolutionizing the way Ghanaians place their personal line insurances. It eliminates the need to make physical visits to the insurance office. You can now place your new insurance needs and renew existing ones via the internet.

Smart Insurance understands that value for money is paramount when it comes to your personal line insurances. That’s why the Web App is designed to offer you competitive premiums amongst all the insurance companies in Ghana.

With a seamless interface, it takes you on a swift journey to find appropriate quotes and cover for your insurance needs.

Effortless Management of Existing and New Policies

The platform allows you to conveniently manage all your insurance policies in one place, including existing ones that were not even bought through the platform. Once you have incorporated details of your existing policy on the platform, you can access your policy information, both old and new, make updates, file claims, and track the status of your insurance seamlessly.

How to Get Your Personal Line Insurances online in Ghana

A new policy or renewing your personal line insurances with the Smart Insurance Web App involves three straightforward steps:

  1. Access the Web App: Open your phone’s browser and visit the Smart Insurance Web App at www.smartinsurancegh.com and create your unique account. This platform is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience on any smartphone.
  2. Input your information: Once on the site, enter the details of your proposed policy or existing policy. The intuitive layout of the web app guides you smoothly through the process.
  3. Select your quote: The Web App will quickly generate a range of competitive quotes from various insurers as per NIC’s premium guidelines. Take your time to review and choose the one that best aligns with your requirements.
  4. Secure Payment Process: Make your payment with confidence using the method that works best for you—from mobile money to credit or debit cards, or even a direct bank transfer. The Smart Insurance Web App ensures your transaction is secure and hassle-free, straight to your insurer.
  5. Instant Digital Proof: As soon as your payment is processed, your car insurance renewal is confirmed. The Web App provides instant digital proof of your insurance, including an electronic copy of your updated insurance certificate.

Personal Line Insurance Management with Smart Insurance

The Smart Insurance Web App doesn’t stop at placing your insurance needs. It equips you with a robust set of tools to manage every aspect of your insurance policies. Whether you need to file a claim, update your personal details, make changes to your existing policy, general management of your insurance portfolio, it’s all possible with a few clicks on your internet device, thanks to real-time support from insurance experts.

Embrace the Smart Way with Smart Insurance

Transform the way you meet your insurance needs in Ghana. No downloads, no fuss, just pure efficiency. With the Smart Insurance Web App, you get a competitive edge in premium offerings and the luxury of managing your insurance at your convenience.

Take control of your personal insurance needs today by visiting the Smart Insurance Web App. It’s time to drive forward with confidence, knowing that your insurance needs are in the hands of a truly smart solution.

If you have any questions, contact the Smart Insurance team via email: info@smartinsurancegh.com, info@shieldinsurancebrokers.com.gh

You can also follow Shield Insurance Brokers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @shieldinsurancebrokersgh.

Contact: +233 544356 888

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