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Do you know most good students are not successful after graduation, while those who are described as poor students tend to be successful in life?

If you could look closely at our society, you could see that most businesses and successful companies were founded by laypeople who weren’t successful in academics. And the very worst thing is, those who were good at school are now managing it for them.

Plato founded the first school in 387 BC in Athens. It was called the Platonic academy. Their objectives were to train young people to become independent creative members of our society.

Meanwhile, centuries after its creation, our formal school system has lost its primary objectives. That’s why many good students are not successful in life and are trapped in 9 to 5 jobs.

George Macaulay Trevelyan once said, “Education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.”

In this post, I will be sharing with you five reasons why most good students are not successful in life after school. So make sure you read to the end.

1. Most Good Students Are Always Perfectionists

Good students are likely to be proud and think they’re smarter than anyone else. After all, their certificate is proof of their smartness; there is no doubt about that.

However, those who were not so good in academia, come out to rely on others’ intelligence because they feel they don’t know all that much. Doing this makes them much success in life than those independent folks.

In this real world, 99% of the knowledge you need to progress is in the minds of other people. You can’t do it all alone and think to are perfect at it.

Most good students, because they were taught not to make mistakes, are afraid to take a step or even try. If you’re not making mistakes, then it means you are not trying or making a step.

Good students are afraid to be ridiculed by society, friends, and family for their messed up. So because of that, they won’t make an inch to start something new in their life.

They are always afraid to shoot a business; they say, “what if I fail?”, “What if I lost all my money?” They always find excuses not to take a step and hope for the perfect time to come.

2. Good Students Are Afraid To Make Mistakes

Please take a moment to think about how our school system works. You’re a good student if you don’t make any mistakes during classwork or exams. So, it means you have successfully hated failures.

Failure is a sign of stupidity in our school; if you make mistakes, you will be punished severely. However, making mistakes is the only sure way to a successful life.

Thomas Edison, for instance, was no stranger to mistakes. He was kicked out of school, later in his life, after many attempts to invent the light bulb, he was accused of failing 9,999 times.

When he was asked why? Do you know what he said? He said, “I did not fail 9,999 times, but I have successfully found out what did not work 9,999 times.”

And out of all those failures, he discovered what did work. Well, I want you to think about any brilliant student you remember from your school days, I can bet you he or she hates to score 70/100. They always want to score in the 80s and above.

I remember a friend called Adiza in my school days; this girl will cry on her exam results when she was marked 80%. Just imagine, she was crying because she made a mistake.

Assuming living in an environment where making mistakes is a sign of regret or stupidity. You will naturally live the rest of your life with this mindset. That is the number one reason why most good students are not successful in life.

They can’t endure failure. After school, brilliant students would either not try anything new or stop trying after a few setbacks. If you want to be successful in life, you have to overcome the fear of making mistakes.

3. Good Students Lacks Innovative Ideas.

In our school system, for you to be a good student means you have to be obedient to what the school teaches you. Do the things you’re told to do the same way.

For instance, you are to submit your assignment on time, provide answers your teachers have taught you during exams, report to school on time, etc.

Again, you don’t have to question Isaac Newton’s first law of motion which he formulated a long time ago, because he is the greatest man. All you have to do is to do what you’re taught.

Most good students are not successful in life because, they think accepting anything said by their parents concerning their career, is always the truth. They will live a life based on the decisions of their parents, or what their mentors think will help them.

I’m a victim of this, and I remember when I completed Junior High School, I wanted to pursue Visual arts, but my father said, he wants me to do general science to become a doctor.

Many parents put pressure on their kids to accomplish what they failed to do in their own lives.

However, to succeed in real life, you have to do your experiment, fail and learn from it.

4. Good Students Are Social Introverts

good students are not successful in life

Lack of socialization in the real world is why most good students are not successful in life.

If you could remember, they always move with students who have the same qualities in college. They are the ideal smart students that our teachers admired.

Good students have learned that to love and help your classmate during exams is not allowed; it’s called cheating. Therefore, they try to be alone and think that helping a friend could mean losing their position as the “smartest” in the class.

However, in the real world, we learn and interact with people who have successfully done what we are yet to be doing. The kind of competition we learn in schools fosters loneliness and a sense of being separated.

Good students find it challenging to ask for other people’s opinions because they think to know everything. That’s why most good students are not successful in life.

5. They Were Taught To Get A Job

Our educational system has taught us to learn hard, attain good grades and get a secured job.

But they rarely teach about entrepreneurship and starting a business. Most good students feel so financially and professionally trapped in this real world.

Good students are taught to follow the norm and not to think outside the box. However, those poor students at college thinking they aren’t going anywhere, have learned how to soil themselves with trial and error through entrepreneurship.

Most good students already know that they would spend their entire life in the cooperative world, and attains more degrees to secure a better job.

Meanwhile, this is not like those below average, since they know they are not good in academics to attain good grades or get more degrees to their name, they turn to the street as the only source of hope to survive.

And because of that, the street has pushed them to learn about entrepreneurship and starting businesses around failures.

There is a saying: “if you do not change the direction you’re heading, you may wind up where you are going.”

So, what does it mean? It means we need to overcome the ancient threats to our educational system. “If you don’t study hard enough, you won’t get a better job.”

Those good students are now running someone else business; they are managers, accountants, and doctors we see in our society.

The sad thing is, they’re not comfortable with their job, working from 9 to 5 a day, running from paycheck to paycheck, and are always afraid of losing their job.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be successful in life, try to overcome your fears. Overcome the fears of not making mistakes. And again, don’t believe what others think you are. Always look into yourself and listen to your intuition.

Don’t forget to ask a lot of questions, and at times, you need to challenge the status quo if it is worth doing so.

Some are in school to get a certificate to prove that their qualification deserves such a particular job. Stop chasing after the papers, and develop innovative ideas that would solve problems.

The most successful people have developed a system to solve the world’s most significant problems, not their degrees.

Therefore, you need to think outside the box and get real-life experience; stand up and begin to try things out. I bet you, it’s not going to be easy, but you shouldn’t give up. You were born a genius.

The school system may or may not have recognized it. Robert Kiyosaki says, “our school system is the reason most good students are not successful in life” – in one of his books titled, “If you want to be rich and happy don’t go to school.” It would be best if you read it yourself.

Now it’s your turn, what are some of the things you needed to change or add up in your life right now to make you the better version of yourself?

Share with me below in the comment section; I would love to read your story! If you’ve found this post helpful, why not share it across? Help a friend for sharing is caring!

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