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“Am I toxic?” Toxic people do exist. And if you’re wondering whether you appear as a toxic person to people around you or not. Then this post will help you figure it out.

In this article, I’m sharing with you 7 signs to show you’re the toxic person in the lives of people around you.

What Does It Mean To Be Toxic?

A toxic person is anyone whose behaviour adds negativity and upset to your life. Toxic people always bring others down without realizing it.

All they do is to see others fail in life. They always create confusion and are the ones responsible for conflicts. Toxic people are everywhere; in college, the workplace, your family, and even within the church.

Am I Toxic?

Many times, toxic people are dealing with their anxieties and emotional injuries. To do this, they act in ways that don’t present them in the best light and usually upset others along the way.

“Toxicity in people isn’t considered a mental disorder. But there could be underlying mental problems that cause someone to act in unhealthy ways, including a personality disorder.” —WebMD.

Am I Toxic? Let’s Find Out From These 7 Signs

Below are the sign to show whether you’re toxic to your friends or not:

1. When You Care Too Much About Yourself

Toxic people are too self-centred. They only care about themselves but not of others. They only do things that will be in their favour, and they don’t care whether it will hurt others’ feelings or not.

Even in a conversation, You talk too much about yourself—Your achievements, opinions, and everything about You without giving space for others to share their opinions.

Again, in decision-making, no matter how small your decision is, it’s either your way or the highway. Toxic people make people inferior about themselves.

2. When You Become A Gossip monger

Toxic people always look out for dirt on people to talk about. So You like to chatter about people: you become the deal-breaker and the high-time gossiper in town.

When you are the source of all adverse news reports in town, so anytime, You have something to bring on board. I’m afraid to say that toxic people are also good at giving advice.

And if you don’t take their advice, and you fail, they will criticize you all the time to make you feel your life has come to an end.

Toxic people always look out for the mistakes that people have made, especially in their past.

3. Not Appreciating Anything In Life

I don’t think you appreciate anything in life. You always talk about negative things, point the finger at others, and make excuses.

No one wants to be around such a person who continuously talks about failures and things of the past.

Therefore, if you’re that type, your friends will see you as a negative thinker and won’t feel comfortable around you.

4. You Like To Boss Over Others

Have you ever influenced someone into doing something that they didn’t positively want to do just because you needed them to do it? If so, then you might be a toxic person to your friends or family.

Toxic people enjoy bossing people around to do the things that will satisfy them alone.

5. Your Friendship With Others Never Last

Have you wondered how people come into your life and never stay? All your relationship never seems to last at all.

No one even calls to check up on you. It is you instead that needs your friend’s attention. But they seem not to show up sometimes.

Maybe you’re that type of person that quickly get into a relationship, but all your connection seems to have expiry dates. As a result, people around you see you be a toxic person. Have you tried to figure it out?

6. You Never Apologize When You’re Wrong

When was the last time you ever said sorry, and you meant it sincerely from your heart?

When you make mistakes, Do you find it hard to accept them and make an apology? This sign has become one of the relationship breakers constituting the high divorce rate in our societies today.

At times you say, “I would rather stop relationships and never see you again instead of apologizing to you.”

Ask yourself, how easy do you let things go? Are you the kind of person that your friends have to force you to apologize when you know that the mistakes are from you?

If so, then you might be a toxic person around them.

7. When You Demand More Than You Give

Toxic people take more than they give. You try to get people’s attention and demand others’ assistance all the time. But when they need your help, you come up with so many excuses not to show up.

Ask yourself whether your friends see you as toxic? Your friends won’t tell you that you’re toxic, but how you treat them will let them walk away sooner or later.

Toxic people tend not to serve others but would like to put all their loads on someone whenever they get the chance.

FAQS About Toxic People

How can I tell if Im toxic?

1. When You Care Too Much About Yourself.
2. When You Become A Gossip monger.
3. Not Appreciating Anything In Life
4. You Like To Boss Over Others
5. Your Friendship With Others Never Last
6. You Never Apologize When You’re Wrong
7. When You Demand More Than You Give

What are traits of a toxic person?

Sometimes those with toxic behaviors won’t acknowledge when they’ve said or done anything wrong. They might not need to apologize or accept responsibility for their conduct. They can try to justify their objectionable behavior.

Can a toxic person change?

Toxic people can change if you have confronted their toxic behavior and they have taken it to heart.

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