Never give up on your dreams (Ask Me Why?)

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Yeah, I said you should never give up on your dreams, no matter what you’re facing right now. We all have a strongly desired dream or goal, but how often do we make them come true? When I was just a boy, early in my teens, I had grand plans with the feeling of ecstasy without any limitations.

However, when I grow a little older, and after hitting obstacles and failures, I stop believing in my dreams and the flavor to achieve them. I have survived rejection and discouragement from friends.

What are your ideal goals, plans, and visions?

You may have decided to achieve something and start working on it with full focus and dedication. You are making progress at it, but you didn’t get the outcome as expected. I know what it feels like when your planned ideas hit the fence of failure.

A negative thought will arise to devour your dreams. “I’m putting a lot of money and time into it but, I’m still not getting results. Let me quit and try something else.”

Now! when you are planning to quit, read this:5 reasons why not give up on your dreams.

Take Failures As An Opportunity

Successful people fail far more often than unsuccessful people. They try more things, fall, pick themselves up, and try again- over and over again before they finally win.

Unsuccessful people try a few things, face an obstacle, and very soon quit and go back to what they were doing before.

Most people don’t pursue their dreams for fear of failure. Little do they know, this is one of the most significant ways we learn and grow!¬†

It would be best if you look upon failure and temporary defeat as part of the price you pay on the road to the success you desired.

Besides, nobody goes into business to fail. However, to indeed find profound, long-lasting success, you must learn to anticipate failure and own it when it happens. Every failure includes nuggets of success if you look for them. How you tackle failures or mistakes determines whether or not to give up on your dreams.

Successful people think about solutions most of the time. 

Learn from the eagle when it faces a storm. Fearlessly, the eagle would fly into the fierce winds, using the storm current to rise higher quickly. The pressure of the storm is used to help them drift without their energy.

LESSON: No plan is perfect the first time it is created. Expect difficulties as a part of the process to succeed and resolve to respond to them effectively.

How Much Have You Already Invested?

Measure the sacrifices you’ve made so far; with all the late-night sleep, are you willing to walk away from this hustling because you’re¬†not feeling¬†confident in your abilities?

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. -Napolean Hill

How eager are you to achieve your goals? Think of how you started and where you intended to go from there. The starting point of all dreams is desire.

Giving Up Is Not An Option-Never!

There are many reasons why people want to give up on their dreams. First of all, it is the fear of failure, poverty, loss, or rejection that holds most people from trying to achieve anything new in life.

The primary obstacles between you and your goals are usually mental. Ask yourself, what is it in me that is holding me back? Look deep within yourself and identify the critical factors in your personality, skills, habits, education, or experience that might be frightening you to give up.

When we give up on ourselves, we are not only giving up on what it is that we’re working towards, but we’re also giving up on everything that we stand for.

Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

  • When we give up, we’re telling ourselves that we are not good enough to achieve the things we want.
  • We tell ourselves that we’re not willing to fight and work for the things we want to achieve.
  • Our dreams will only remain dreams instead of becoming the realities that they were meant to be.
  • It encourages the habit of “giving up”- the cycle repeats.
  • You never know what your dream could be-it may change someone’s life.

A day will come where you will either be satisfied that you lived your life to the fullest, or you will look back with regret, wishing you would have done more with the precious time you had.

Never give up; today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow, there will be sunshine. – Jack Ma[/quotes]

Never Give Up, You Need Passion To Make Your Dream Come True.

Passion is the key to success. As¬†Wikipedia defines¬†it, “is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something.”

If you know your passion and have the opportunity to do it in your life, relationship, or work, climbing the ladder of success will be a lot easier. How badly do you want to achieve it? What are you doing to accomplish these dreams?

The clearer you become about these goals and dreams, and the more often you think about them, the more likely you will attain them.

“Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.” -Warren Buffett.

Passion is essential for long-term success and overall happiness. If you give up on your dreams, you’re living a life unfulfilled. Live a life with purpose, and you will never be weary.

Most people give up on their dreams before making the first try because they didn’t blend it with passion. That shouldn’t be you!




“Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and don’t let the bastards get you down.” -Michael Bloomberg.

Prove ‘Them’ Wrong.

Dreams are quintessential for entrepreneurs, and with determination, you will achieve them. Whenever you are looking to progress beyond the norm, either personally or professionally, there will be those that attempt to discourage you.

‘Prove them wrong’! Who are¬†‘them’?¬†People are intimidated by others who set out to do things they don’t feel are possible or know are possible, but either didn’t try or failed at themselves.

These people could be your relatives, best friend, spouse, colleague, or even your boss.

Negative people will terminate your dreams with negative words like:

  • “You will fail! There is already too much competition in your field or niche.”
  • “That’s impossible!” “You could never do that.”
  • “That doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

Sometimes it is vital to forbid negative thoughts of other people- because those words and attitudes can be poisonous.

Hopelessness can spread quickly- if all you keep hearing is negative words; sooner or later, you will convince yourself that your dreams won’t work.

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey.

¬†Ways To Prove ‘Them’ Wrong

  • Be your best self.¬†

Every time you blame someone else or make excuses, you give your power away. You feel weakened and diminished.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • Stop talking about your plans to small-minded people. They won’t believe what you tell them but rarely think about what you show them. Learn from others.
  • Work hard on your dreams.

“The greatest lesson that I learned in all of this is that you have to start. Start now, start here, start small, and keep it simple.” – Jack Dorsey.

You either work on your dreams, or you keep on dreaming. The dreamers are those who do nothing but imagine and float through life without a plan or purpose. However, you have to work hard to make your dreams a reality.

You can only prove ‘them’ wrong when they see your success!


These are the five steps you should take to NOT give up on your dreams and goals. Don’t let anyone puts pressure on you, follow your intuitions and stay focus in life.

Remember, take failures as an opportunity, think of how much you have invested in your goal; giving up is not an option; you only need passion to make a difference and let your success prove the naysayers wrong.

Let me know how these five steps help you in your journey to success. Are they useful? Please share your views with me in the comment section below.

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