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Victoria Anne Simmons was one of the 3.8 of 1000 babies that suffer the rarest genetic disorder of abdominal wall defect that causes internal organs to grow outside of the body. She was supposed to be the last of 6 siblings but couldn’t live.

If are you a fan of rap music, then this is the story from the house of one of your favorite icons and pioneers of the influential hip-hop group Run-DMCmusic, DJ Run who is now Rev Run.

Rev Run married two times, his first wife Valeria Vaughn had 3 kids for him and the second Justine Wayne also had 3 but the third child, Victoria Anne Simmons who lived for only 4 hours on earth, is the topic of this discussion.

Victoria Anne Simmons: Facts To Know
Rev Runs and his family

In this blog, we will cover a few facts about the late girl’s family and her bio.

Wiki Of Victoria Anne Simmons

Full Name Victoria Anne Simmons
Date of Birth September 26th. 2006
Place of Birth Queens Borough,New York
Date of Death September 26th. 2006
Cause of Death Omphalocele
Age She survived for 4 hours
Father Joseph Simmons aka DJ Run or Reverend Run
Mother Justine Simmons
Siblings 6
Ethinicity Black American
Nationality American
Religion Christian

Victoria Simmons died four hours after she was born. Doctors couldn’t get the time to save her life. She was born through a C-section or cesarean section weighing 4 pounces 5 ounces when at the time of birth.

According to Justine Simmons, she knew her unborn baby had a rare birth defect but she still wanted to have it anyway. She refused to adhere to the doctor’s advice to terminate the pregnancy in order to save herself.

What Was The Cause of the Death of Victoria Anne Simmons

Victoria Anne Simmons was killed by the condition Omphalocele. This condition causes an abdominal wall defect, which means the baby’s belly wall wasn’t developed to seal the stomach opening, which leaves organs such as intestines hanging out of the belly.

Joseph Simmons and his wife Justine Simmons decided to allow the camera into the ward to show the world how they welcome the sad development and also have their children see it through a family TV Show they were filming.

“On September 6, 2006, Victoria Anne for some unknown reason chose to come early and unfortunately, did not survive. We must accept whatever is there and you accept unconditionally, that everything is beautiful. Every pain has purifying effect”. Rev. Run said in a statement issued by MTV on his behalf.

After a year of the tragic incident, the couple was able to recover and adopt their daughter Miley Simmons. While it was not easy for them they couldn’t hide the joy of having a baby even though she was not conceived by them.

“There are times that I forgot that I actually didn’t carry her, birth her. Miley is as much from my body as Victoria was, I want all women to know that if they can’t conceive, or carry a baby, adoption is truly a miracle. To be able a baby love, to be able to give a baby home, to be able to give a baby a good life – that’s the miracle”.

Victoria Anne Simmons: Facts to Know
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Victoria Anne Simmons’ Siblings

The late supposed member of the family has 6 siblings after she missed out on adding to the number.

  • Vannessa Simmons

Vannessa Simmons is the first and oldest daughter of DJ Run with her first wife Valerie Vaughn. She was born on the 28th of August 1983, 38 years old. She is an actress and an entrepreneur with a line of businesses, a skincare line called Sugar Me, a footwear line Pastry, and a clothing brand Glitter and Lace.

  • Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons is the second child of DJ Runs, born in September 1987, 34 years old. She is also an actress and a co-business partner with her elder sister Vannessa with the footwear line Pastry.

  • Joseph Simmons Jr.

Joseph Simmons is the oldest son of the rapper. He was born in September 1989. He is 34 years of age. He is also an actor who has appeared in the family show Runs House albeit only 14 episodes. Following in his father’s footsteps, his stage name as a rapper is Jojo.

  • Daniel Dwayne Simmons III

He is Run’s second male child and the oldest [30 ]with his second wife Justine Daniel Dwayne. He is also following in his father’s footsteps as a rapper with a stage name. He has two rap albums to his name: Unexpected Arrival in 2012 and Ligten Up in 2018.

  • Russell Simmons II

Russell was born in August 1997 as the second son of Justine. He is 26 years and was named after Rev Run’s elder brother, a music icon Russell Simmons. He also appeared on the family show Runs Family and apart from that, he featured on his father’s reality show Rev Runs Around The World.

  • Miley Simmons

Miley Justine Simmons is the last non-biological addition to the family after the death of Victoria Anne Simmons. She was born in 2007 but much has not been revealed about his adoption and his biological family.


  • What happened to Victoria Anne Simmons?

She suffered a congenital abdominal wall defect which causes her intestines to pour out of her stomach. So she died the same day she was born. She lives for only 4 hours.

  • How Old was Victom Simmons?

Se didn’t live up to a year. She lived up for 4 hours and died.

  • Who is the oldest Simmon’s son?

Joseph Simmons Jr. was born in September 1989, and he is years 34 old, His mother is Valerie Vaughn, the first wife of Rev Runs.

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