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TikTok, a fantastic tool for businesses, has undergone many changes since its inception. Its popularity is increasing daily, and there is no sign of slowing down. So marketers shall confidently get into the TikTok and shall get better results.

Marketers today have to use different approaches to shine on the platform. Although many olden strategies are available on TikTok, every day, TikTokers are learning new strategies to attract new leads.

10 Tips to Boost Your Traffic on TikTok 

Still need some more ideas to get your traffic boosted quickly? Below are some of the exciting techniques that you shall follow on TikTok. Let’s begin!

1. Set a Great Link on the Bio

If you set a great link on the bio, you shall redirect so many users of TikTok to check on your website or blog. If there is so much redirection, your website will have significant traffic. Moreover, you should use Trollishly to build your social media presence. In addition, TikTok users may share your website link if it is good, so it is advised to keep the main link on the TikTok profile. 

More importantly, double-check your link, whether it is correctly entering the landing page or not, before you include it on the TikTok profile. More specifically, your landing page must resonate with your TikTok audiences. Therefore, it would be best if you strategically plan your landing page. 

2. Curate Videos that Need More Clarification

On TikTok videos, you must mention the essential points of a particular product, service, or idea. Then, you shall direct your audience to your website for further information. For instance, if you are creating a recipe video, you shall write in the description like ”for more recipe details, log into” and provide your link. 

3. Create a Giveaway, Freebie Posts

The general people behavior shows more interest in the giveaway or freebie contests. For freebies or giveaway contests, you have to provide some more related activities to your businesses and then ask the viewers to follow the steps. If anybody wins the task or activity, they might get the opportunity to win a freebie or a gift. Freebies or contests will make your brand awareness among millions of users. 

4. Connect All Your Social Media Profiles

Only depending on TikTok, it isn’t easy to improve more traffic. If you connect all your social media profiles on TikTok, other social media users will visit TikTok and even share your TikTok videos on other social networks.

By this there will, be high engagement rate will be available. To do this, you shall click on the edit profile option, and then there is a separate column for adding links like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Based on the links limitations, your profile will show the links respectively. 

5. Make Changes to Content Strategies

Content is always king on social media platforms. So if you curate great content and post it at the right time, your traffic will undoubtedly be boosted. In general, TikTok is an app full of short and content videos, so creating a new one is quite a straightforward job.

With this, making a great impression on the audience would be possible. Apart from this, you should buy tiktok likes and grow your profile reach to gain more followers. 

6. Use Trending Hashtags

With trending hashtags, it is possible to increase the conversion rates by double the time. So to get your desired results on the platform, you should be on the trend as much as possible.

You have to scroll down on the TikTok for better performance. By using TikTok hashtags, you shall increase your exposure on the platform. You have to get hashtags more relevant to your niche. 

7. Use TikTok Advertising

TikTok advertisements would be present in between the videos. You must curate your ads properly to make yourself appear on the ”For You” page and get more likes, views, etc. You have to choose from different ads, and then they shall appear on the ”for you page”. Marketers utilize this option for better engagement. 

8. Go for Live

TikTok is one of the platforms that are most popular for Live. To build on a significant user base, showcase your brand message on Live to boost your traffic. In addition, you shall use your Live features to showcase excellent quality products.

To go on Live, you have to add the cover photo and a title. Before you start your Live, your followers will get notified by the Live. To drive more engagement on Live, try using Trollishly and increase your authenticity. 

9. Increase Your Email List 

To make your brand more popular, you should improve your email lists. Email subscribers are also a significant source for completing your profile reach to different audiences.

For example, When you enter on some website, you might see a pop-up, where by entering the email address, the viewers would sign up for email newsletters. Once they subscribe to it, they will get the email newsletters then and there. 

10. Optimization of Your TikTok Profile

It is necessary to optimize your TikTok profile as per the requirements. For example, to boost traffic, adding a CTA to the profile is crucial.

Optimizing the profile is not only adding the link on it but even maintaining the grids, regular updates of your posts, etc., are included. So take time to optimize your profiles because these are the ones that make your audience look more on your profile. 

Final Thoughts

By following the above points, it would be easy to drive traffic to your site. TikTok has excellent features where the right strategy will build your profile well. The marketers must schedule the TikTok videos and should have the content plan accordingly.

All you have to do is to stay consistent and keep on testing on the platform for better outcomes. Traffic boosting is one of the golden rule to retain your followers. If you find the article worth reading, leave your comments below. Thanks for reading! 

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