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Video Marketing Trends Is The New Ways To Promote Products And Services

The importance of video marketing has grown over the past few years, and today it is a part of every big brand’s marketing campaigns. Videos are naturally more engaging and informative than the other forms of content that are used for advertisement.

Well-thought video content will have the viewer’s attention in seconds and keep them hooked to the end so that they are interested in knowing more by visiting the website. Video marketing has become an essential and indispensable component of modern-day digital marketing.

Social Media And Video Consumption

The growth and proliferation of social media platforms have led to an increase in the consumption of videos. Many users feel that they are more interested in learning about a product or service using a video than any other alternatives.

As per a research study, it was found that over 76% of marketers claim that video has a higher conversion rate than any other content. Imagine getting a much higher ROI on your video marketing expenditure. That’s what video marketing helps to achieve.

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube rely intensively on video content creation. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is totally video-based.

The increase in internet penetration and affordable internet plans have made customers accustomed to watching videos over reading. Social media video marketing trends can be categorized into four categories including educational, controversial, entertainment, and live videos.

All these different types of videos are used for different purposes, and all of them can be repurposed as marketing videos to educate and inform customers about any new offerings.

The main aim of using software to create video marketing on social media channels is to strategically create brand awareness and boost brand recall.

A meticulous social media video marketing strategy can help brands easily promote products and services and increase their overall marketing ROI.

Video Marketing Trends On Social Media Channels

Research studies have found that YouTube is the most preferred and popular social media channel for videos in general. Creating the right video content also plays a huge role in the success of your video marketing trends campaigns. So which video content should you choose to promote your brand and its offerings?

This is a subjective question and requires the evaluation of your target audience. Your videos should aim to answer any questions that your audience might have related to your brands or the products and services it offers. Let’s take a look into some of the most popular types of videos on social media that customers engage with.

Video Marketing Trends

1. Controversial video content

 Most social media users love controversial content, and there is no surprise that controversial video content performs far better when it comes to engaging with the audience. These videos carry a shock element that makes people pick a side and relate to the incident on a personal note.

The controversial video content also carries a high probability of being shared, and this drives more traffic organically. You must understand your target audience carefully before you jump into creating controversial content. Not conducting thorough research on the matter can backfire and tarnish your brand’s reputation in the long run.

 2. Educational Video Content

 Educational content is highly informative and helps users to understand a product or service being advertised. They have usually resourced videos that help address customers’ queries and answer the questions they might have related to a topic, product, or service.

More people like to obtain information by watching a video rather than reading something related to a topic. Videos also have a higher retention rate which means people are more likely to remember something they learned about watching a video than reading a text.

3. Entertainment Video Content

 Entertainment videos are also highly popular among users on social media channels as it helps to invoke an emotion. It helps to boost engagement, it can make the viewers laugh, cry, shout, etc. The main objective behind using entertainment video content is to create an emotional bond with the users.

Pragmatic Tips To Create Quality Video Content

Creating quality video content is important today, given the high competition in the market. You not only need to create quality content but also focus on keeping it unique. Here are some effective tips to help you create quality video content easily.

 1. Set your objective

 You must learn about the objective of your video content before you start creating it from scratch. You need to understand your target audience and the type of content they are likely to engage with before you start creating your video. An objective or goal will set you on the right path.

2. Create a script

 Creating a script will help you overcome all the uncertainties in the video production process. It will guide you on the flow of your video, which will allow you to create your video easily. The post-production steps such as SEO and editing are also easier when you have a script.

 3. Choose a reliable video maker

 A reliable video maker or editing tool will help you refine your videos and edit out all the irregularities that you don’t need. It will help you deliver a quality video that is also highly engaging and makes your video marketing campaigns perform better.

Role Of Video Content Marketing For Businesses

 With the growing consumption and demand for video marketing, brands that are creating quality video content have a higher chance of converting potential customers.

You will be amazed to learn that viewers retain over 95% of the information that they have consumed using video content, this is drastically higher than other content forms like text which has a 10% retention rate.

More than 96% of people viewed an explainer video content to know about a product or service. Brands that are leveraging videos for brand recall have a higher chance of succeeding.  

Videos have slowly become a preferred method for marketing-related communication as most people carry smartphones today and watch video content from various online sources.

The use of video marketing trends also helps brands to cut down on their marketing expenditure as it is far more effective than the traditional marketing methods. Brands also install video-driven digital signage tools in physical retail shops to drive traffic and educate customers about their latest offerings.

FAQs On Video Marketing Trends 2022

What is new in video marketing Trends?

Video ads are one of the new video marketing trends for 2022. Immersive stories are the next frontier for ads. Video ads have the potential of giving users a sense of what their life will be like after buying or using a particular product.

How can I promote my video marketing?

You can use InVideo to give your videos nice touch, and after that:
1. Optimize Your Content
2. Craft Effective Thumbnails.
3. Don’t Forget SEO.
4. Use Social Media.
5. Don’t Forget to Share
6. Integrate It with Other Marketing.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Video marketing is very important as it helps you:
1. Grow Revenue. 
2. Influence Buying Decisions. 
3. Give the People What They Want.
4. Rank Higher in Search.
5. Increase Traffic.
6. Get More Backlinks
7. Bump Up Conversions.
8. Reach Decision Makers.

How does video marketing help brands?

A video is an effective tool for earning new website traffic and keeping visitors on a site longer. Brands often promote videos on social media and other content platforms to drive consumers to a website – and 84 percent of marketers said video has helped them do just that.

marketing Trends For The Future?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, people have been engaging with more digital content than ever before. Just consider that 90% of customers report that video content helps make their purchasing decisions easier. This is just one of the reasons why marketers predict video marketing to be the future of content marketing.

Which software is best for video editing?

1. Adobe Premiere Pro.
2. CyberLink PowerDirector 365.
3. Adobe Premiere Elements.
4. Adobe Premiere Rush.
5. InVideo
6. Pinnacle Studio.
7. Final Cut Pro X.
8. Filmora

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