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  • SikaPurse Quick Loan: How To Get GHS 2000 With This Loan App
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How To Get GHS 2000 From SikaPurse Quick Loan

Are you in a financial emergency and are looking for ways to get a quick loan in Ghana? Then cheese! I have something great for you. You need the SikaPurse Quick loan service!

A new app in town, just like the Fido Money Lending app, gives loan amounts from GHS200 to GHS 5000.

The name of the app is SikaPurse Quick loan. Uss! I know you’re in a hurry for a loan, but you need to learn something about this loan app before applying for a loan.

There are other loans app in Ghana that promise specific amounts of loan amounts. However, you need always to read their terms and conditions before they start biting your fingers.

What SikaPurse Quick loan Is About?

SikaPurse offers flexible loan products. For online loans in Ghana, super loans, and better Ghana loans. The Loan App SikaPurse offers loans between GHS 2,000 – and GHS 5,000 with a loan term from 90 to 365 days.

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It also comes with a reasonable interest rate from 8% to 25% per annum. That means if you apply for, let’s say, GHS 5,000, the term is 90 days, and the annum interest rate is 10%.

In that case, the daily interest rate will be 10% divided by 365 (10%/365), giving us 0.027%. So for the interest rate of 90 days, it will be GHS 5,00010%/36590=123.

Therefore in all, you will pay restitution of GHS 5,123 for your loan of GHS5,000. Let’s see the requirement needed for the SikaPurse loan application below:

Requirements Needed To Apply for SikaPurse Quick loan

Below are the requirements needed to apply for Sikapurse loans in Ghana:

  • It is for only Ghanaians
  • You must have a monthly source of income.
  • You need to provide any Ghana National Identification (ID) for the loan processing.

Why choose SikaPurse?

  • No hidden charges;
  • You can borrow up to GHS 5000.
  • You can choose your payment tenure.
  • It is secure, reliable, and flexible.
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How To Apply For A Loan From SikaPurse

SikaPurse Quick Loan

The application process for a SikaPurse loan is simple. To obtain a loan, follow the steps described below. The first step to follow is to download the SikaPurse app from the Google Play store.

  • Launch the Sikapurse mobile App on your phone.
  • On the Sika Loan Mobile App, click on request for funds
  • Apply by filling the loan application in the APP with your personal and mobile money Account details.
  • Receive your money instantly after filling in the required information
  • Repay on time and get a higher amount for your next loan

How To Contact SikaPurse Quick loan

Customer Service Email: sikapurseservice@outlook.com

Customer Service Hotline: 0571375874

Address: Mensah Wood Ave, Accra

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