Top 10 Mobile Apps For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We have listed the top ten apps you need to have on your phone as an entrepreneur. If you don’t have one of these apps on your device, then you’re freaky losing out on something important in your business.

From productivity to management, motivation, self-development and brand awareness, and marketing.

You can’t do all those tasks alone, and hiring a freelancer to assist you is also another hectic. However, with the help of these apps on your device, you’ll save yourself from the stress and headache associated with your business growth.

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Motivation 365

The entrepreneur lifestyle is stressful, always busy, you know. However, motivation is the only antidote for giving pushing us whenever you feel like giving up.

When I started my blogging journey, things weren’t easy because I started everything from scratch. It came to a time I decided to give up on my dreams and start something else.

It was motivation from my friends and family that helped me. As entrepreneurs, we always need a daily dose of inspiration to stay ahead in business.

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Therefore, one of the top mobile apps for any aspiring entrepreneur on our list is motivation 365. Motivation 365 is the ultimate tool for boosting your productivity and building lasting habits. It helps you to stay motivated with its hand-picked motivational content.

The motivation content is in various formats like wallpaper, quote & story, etc. And it also comes with a habit tracker, task tracker, and event countdown timer.


To succeed in life, I always tell people that you need the right mindset (ideas) and discipline to match your goal.
As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may come across ideas that you need to note for future reference.

It doesn’t mean you should carry your diary with you wherever you go. You need an app to record, document, and organize all your ideas and plans.

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Evernote app does exactly that. Using it, you can create and save ideas as notebooks, memos, checklist, to-do lists, etc.
The app supports various formats like text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs & web clippings.

It helps you capture information fast when any inspiration arises and allows you to share it with your friends.


As an entrepreneur, you need to be in touch with your co-founders or colleagues constantly. Communication and collaboration are one of the significant factors to succeed as entrepreneurs.

With the Zoom app, you can cooperate with other brands or people in your industries to learn new ideas. Zoom app has become one of the most used conference software for entrepreneurs to communicate and organize their conversations with team members.


Time after time, you may come across a specific article that will catch your attention in the social world, and you might want to save it for future reference.

The Pocket app gives you the advantage of keeping your favorite web content to read it later. When I say web content, it can be an article like this one, videos, or social media posts. Again, it also gives you a friendly dashboard where you can see all your saved content.


Content is a great way to connect with your audience, build brand recognition and drive sales for your business.

But the question is, where should you publish that content? Well, you may say social media handles. That’s great! But I recommend you start posting your content on the Medium platform as well.

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Medium will allow you to publish your content and get more ideas from following and interacting with topics shared in your industry.


One of the top apps you need to have as an entrepreneur is Buffer. Now, think of how you can manage all your social media handles; posting consistently, engaging with your followers, etc.

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It is a complete headache to do this manually! You need an app to help you schedule your social media posts to focus on other things.

Use Buffer to make your social media marketing a lot less overwhelming and stressful by sharing your post across several social media networks.


LinkedIn is a professional social network essentially for employers and employees to connect and interact with each other. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you will get the chance to link up with brands and companies when you use the LinkedIn app.

It gives you access to connect with like-minded professionals in your industry. And again, you can also share your content on LinkedIn to reach more customers and boost your brand awareness.


Do you track your expenses? How best do you manage your finances? As an entrepreneur, you need to control your finances; don’t let money control you. Without proper management of your money, you will put your business into a serious catastrophe.

With the Mint app, you can manage your money in one place. Specifically, the app can help you keep track of your spendings, create a budget, track bills, etc.


Wrike is by far the most efficient work management app I highly recommend for any aspiring entrepreneur. With Wrike, you can manage all your projects in one place.

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It is the world’s most leading work management software with companies like Google, Dell, Airbnb as partners.

Downloading the Wrike app on your smartphone or Laptop will help you create, manage workflows, tasks, and projects.


One of the best ways to become successful is to read books about successful people, as we all know.

However, the entrepreneur’s life is sometimes hectic to the extend that you can even find time to read a book. And this doesn’t give you the gap to make excuses for not upgrading your knowledge by reading books.

Blinkist is always there to assist you in this. You can’t be spending hours reading a book and flipping from cover to cover. But with Blinkist, you get access to several audiobooks and podcasts for your easy digest.

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The software has more libraries and many topics to choose from whenever you want to learn new things. Me for instance, I like listening to audiobooks and podcasts than spending time reading a book.


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