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7 Unconventional Side Hustles That Can Earn You Big Bucks

The gig economy is growing exponentially, and many people are seeking more creative and unconventional jobs. While the traditional types of side gigs are still there, the online labor market is indeed saturated. Consequently, the competition is becoming increasingly impenetrable for first-time job seekers since most employers seek the best talents in their field. 

If you’re a new applicant seeking to secure a content writing position or tutoring, expect you to be ranked against thousands of other side hustlers in the market. The good thing is that many job openings exist in unconventional roles. Read our guide and learn how to earn big bucks through unique and fun side hustles.

Mystery Shopping

Businesses acknowledge customer ratings as a guide to improving their systems and processes. While there are in-house managers and staff to monitor the quality of service and products offered by certain establishments, sincere feedback from actual customers can be collected through mystery shoppers. 

Basically, mystery shoppers are individuals from a mystery shopping agency that would visit malls, restaurants, and bank branches, among other business establishments, like customers who would make keen observations on regular business operations. 

For instance, when evaluating a bank’s personal loan refinance process, you should observe how the bank handles inquiries and the level of support they have provided during the consultation.

Moreover, as a mystery shopper, you should take note of specific details like how customers were greeted inside the building, the temperature inside, the cleanliness inside, and the waiting time, among many other parameters. 

Voiceover Work

If you believe you have a voice good enough to do a voiceover, you should consider becoming a voice talent. Many businesses today are outsourcing voiceover works for one-time projects. If they find your work excellent, they might contact you for another project the next time. Doing voiceovers requires reading a script and pre-recording it. 

Of course, projects vary based on the type of media to be produced and the nature of the business owned by your client. As a voice talent, you should find your niche and start seeking jobs within the industry you’re most familiar with. 

Virtual Event Planning

While there are planners for face-to-face events, there are also virtual versions of the job for online events. As a virtual event planner, it is your task to oversee multiple aspects of an online event, like the logistics, communication, and overall execution of different online events like webinars, networking events, virtual trade shows, conferences, and meetings. 

Social Media Management

Many business owners are using social media as a marketing tool. They showcase their products and services, connect with clients, and earn prospective customers through social media pages. However, some business owners are of the older generation who struggle with managing social media.

That’s why many would hire social media managers to monitor their pages and do regular reports on the progress of the pages. 

If you think you have a flair for writing captions, editing posters, and customer service, you should consider applying for a social media manager. If you’re interested in a specific area of business or industry, you have many options since almost all businesses are boosting their social media presence to remain relevant. 


If you want to work flexible hours, transcription jobs are good options for side hustlers like you. Transcription work only requires a typing device like a laptop or computer. As a transcriptionist, your job is to type all the words you will hear from recorded media, like a meeting, podcasts, focus groups, and phone calls, among many others. 

The work may sound really simple and less stressful, but transcription work requires strong attention to detail and commitment to produce perfected written versions of the audio files. 

Website Testing

If you are a graduate of Computer Science or just simply fascinated with website design and content, becoming a website tester can be a good choice.

As a website tester, you are expected to visit websites regularly and evaluate different aspects, like the loading time and quality of design and content, among many other factors affecting the site’s performance. Of course, you will take notes of the site’s usability and provide feedback to the website’s creators. 

Social Media Influencer

If you are quite popular on a specific social media platform, you should consider becoming a social media influencer. Building a following can be a long process, but the potential earnings of a social media influencer are definitely worth the patience. 

While it’s good to establish your name on one platform, expanding and boosting your profiles on other leading social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram is better. This would make you more attractive to brands. Leading to more offers for collaborations and promotions. 


In choosing a side hustle, consider your strengths and interests. It’s important to enjoy as you earn money, so make sure you love what you’re doing. Remember that hard work and dedication can turn your passion into a profitable venture. We hope that with the options we shared with you, you now know how you would kickstart your freelancing journey. 

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