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List Of The Back To The Future Shoes

After watching the first Back to the Future film, you felt the profound impact and joy of time travel. Now we have a chance for this experience in real life!

Nike has been making Marty McFly shoes for the last few decades, and they designed several versions of the shoes inspired by the original sneakers used in the movie franchise.

And in this post, we will reveal the lists of all back to the future shoes of your discretion.

About Back To The Future Shoes

Back To The Future shoes are the first pair of shoes ever produced that would lace themselves and light up as well. They were made specifically for the movie, in which teenage Marty travels to 2015 using a scientists’ time machine. 

According to the BBC, the original pair that Michael J. Fox wore in 1989 in the sequel sold for a whopping $92,100 in the summer of 2018, and the proceeds from the sale went to Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s disease foundation.

List Of Back To The Future Shoes

There are a few versions of these Back to the Future shoes that Nike produced over the years, and we will take a look at the history of this incredible collection today. In 2011, Nike came up with the MAG replica shoes of the original model.

Although Nike creates beautiful and fabulous shoes, they try to develop solutions for people with special needs who have a hard time tying their shoelaces. And below are the list of ‘Back To The Future” Shoes:

1. 2007 Back To The Future Shoes

The original shoes worn in the sequel were seen in Kanye West’s “Good Morning” video, where an animated bear was rocking the shoes. In 2008, Kobe Bryant wore the “McFly” Hyperdunks at an LA venue and sparked an idea in Nike, but the new version of the shoe only came to fruition in 2011.

2. Nike MAG “‘Back to the Future” 2011

Since budding the idea a few years back, Nike introduced the MAG and produced 1500 replicas of the original “Back to the Future” sneaker.

3. Nike Mag 2016 version

In 2016, Nike released a new and improved version of the famous “Back to the Future” shoe. Each pair advanced Adaptive Fit technology, also known as “power laces,” which can sense the wearer’s motion and loosen or tighten accordingly.

4. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 2016-2019

The HyperAdapt 1.0 version was introduced in 2016 as well, and their increased popularity and more reasonable price point prompted a sequel, which was released in 2019.

Source: Youths4success.com

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