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When it comes to luxury and treating yourself, it’s no secret that the go-to for many is gourmet coffee. Whether you like to grab a cup on your way to work or treat yourself at the end of a hard working week, it can be expensive to buy coffee from retailers.

This is leading more people to consider how to make restaurant quality coffee at home, and the great news is that with the right tools, it won’t be difficult to achieve.

Restaurant quality coffee without the price tag

There are some fantastic tips for creating delicious barista quality coffee at home. However, this will start with investing in some equipment. Before you get started, you’ll need to purchase a high end coffee machine (taking a look at information such as tassimo vs dolce gusto can help you to make the right decision for your needs). This isn’t the end of your journey however, so let’s take a look at some top coffee making tips:

Begin with whole bean coffee

The very base of a good cup of coffee will be quality beans, so it can be important to look into the type of coffee you prefer. Always buy whole beans to maximise the freshness and flavor.

Always store coffee beans in ceramic

It’s no secret that coffee beans will age, so prolonging freshness and shelf life will ensure that you get the flavor profile you’re looking for. Ceramics and dark glass are the go-to for restaurants, so take a leaf out of their book.

Utilize measuring to minimize waste

Those who want to make high quality coffee regularly at home will want to be mindful about overusing coffee beans and sinking more money into the endeavour than necessary. A good tip is to get your hands on a food scale and accurately measure coffee to make the perfect cup. This doesn’t have to be expensive and will provide the ability to grind the exact amount of coffee beans.

Use filtered water and steamed milk

Just as coffee beans are important, so is the quality of the liquids used when brewing. One of the top barista tips is to use filtered and refrigerated water and heat it to a temperature of around 195°F and 250°F. Always steam milk for restaurant quality results.

One of the best things about brewing your own coffee at home is that you can experiment with different coffee beans and flavors to define what you like best.

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