How To Get App Appearance On Snapchat

Welcome to another post about Snapchat. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to find the App Appearance settings on Snapchat.

Since the app appearance is the only option available to put dark mode on Snapchat, you must know how to locate it using the app. Read on, and follow all the steps below to discover the app’s appearance on your Snapchat app.

Where Is App Appearance On Snapchat

In our previous guide, we learned how to put dark mode on Snapchat. And it is one of the App Appearance settings that will help you go dark theme on Snapchat.

However, I got messages from Snapchatters asking where the App Appearance On Snapchat is? I saw that most people find it challenging to locate the settings using the Snapchat app.

However, in this guide, I will walk you through the steps to get the App Appearance on Snapchat, either on iOS or Android. Before we proceed, remember that the app appearance feature is not available to everyone.

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The app appearance is only available to iPhone users and those based in the United States and Australia. The steps below will help you find the app appearance if your phone supports that feature:

How To Get App Appearance On Snap

NB: Ensure that you’re using the latest or updated version of Snapchat and follow the steps below to locate the App Appearance on Snap.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone device. 
  2. Click on your “Bitmoji” (Profile picture) in the top left corner of your account page. 
  3. Select the Gear (⚙️) Icon” and.
  4. Scroll Down to select the “App Appearance.“ 

FAQs On Snapchat App Appearance

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers related to how to get an App Appearance on Snapchat:

How do I get App appearance on Snapchat?

1. Ensure the Snapchat app is updated to the latest version. 
2. Open Snapchat and click your profile photo.
3. Select the cog Setting icon in the top left corner.
4. Find “App Appearance” in the My Account list of options.
5. Select “App Appearance” and choose the desired look.

Why is App appearance missing on Snapchat?

One point to be aware of is app updates. If App Appearance is not showing under the My Account section of the settings, it proves you’re not currently turning the dark mode on Snapchat. So check whether you’re using the updated Snapchat app.

Where is app appearance on Snapchat on android

Unfurtunately, the app appearance settings is not yet available on Android devices. It is only for iPhone users and those based in the United States and Australia.

How to fix app appearance on Snapchat

If you realize your Snapchat iOs app is not showing the app appearance settings, follow the steps below to fix app appearance on Snapchat:
1. Go to the App Store
2. Check for Snapchat and update to the latest version.
3. Launch the app on your phone and follow the steps outlined above to 4. get the app appearance on Snapchat.
5. If the app appearance is still not showing, give it something for Snapchat to update at the backend.


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