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How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat On Android Or iPhone

Snapchat app has two theme features; the light theme and the dark theme. The normal Snapchat app comes with the light theme feature, which sometimes causes eye strain at night. Using the light theme at night will cause difficulty sleeping and is sometimes accompanied by a mild headache.

Thanks to Snapchat for introducing the Dark Mode feature for Snapchat iOs in May 2021. The dark mode is not yet available for Snapchat Android as of today, but this guide will cover how to get Dark Mode on both iOs and Android. Read on to find out more and go dark mode on Snapchat!

How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat

How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat

There are several steps available when you want to go dark mode on Snapchat. And these steps are open to both iPhone and Android users. Below are the methods that will help you get dark mode on Snapchat:

How To Turn Dark Mode On Snapchat Using iPhone

Likely enough, you can get dark mode on Snapchat using iPhone. And that’s what I’m going to teach you in the steps below. The guide below will help you turn dark mode on Snapchat within a few seconds.

  • open the Snapchat app on your iPhone device.
  • On your account page, click on your “Bitmoji” (Profile picture) in the top left corner.
  • Select the Gear (⚙️) Icon” and.
  • Scroll Down to select the “App Appearance.
  • Choose “Always Dark.”
  • And cheese, you have successfully turn dark mode on Snapchat

How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat Using Android

Sadly, there is no dark mode for Android users. Snapchat is yet to release the dark mode feature for Android users. Therefore, as of today, there is no dark mode on Snapchat when using the Android app.

However, Youths4success team has come out with an alternative to help you change to dark mode on Snapchat. With these steps, you have to turn on developer mode on Android and use the settings to “Force” dark mode on Snapchat. Follow the steps below to get the Dark mode feature on your Snapchat Android:

How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat On Android

  • Swipe ⬇ down on your screen and select the Gear (⚙️) icon.
  • Click on the Display.
  • Toggle the Dark Mode on
  • Go back to Settings.
  •  Click on the About Phone and 
  • Select Software Information.
  • Find Build Number and repeatedly tap it six (6) times.
  •  You will receive an almost there notification about developer mode after 3 clicks. 
  • When completed, you will need to input your password/code to enable developer mode.
  • Go Back to Settings again and select the Developer Options that was just enabled.
  • Scroll down and choose Force Dark Mode.

How To Get Dark Mode On Snap Without App Appearance

Sometimes if the Snapchat app is not updated, it is hard to find the app appearance. What will you do if you don’t see the app appearance on your iPhone, or you can’t go developer mode on Android? In that case, the only option left is to use the smart invert/color inversion to turn darl mode on Snapchat.

When the Smart inversion is toggled, it wil automatically invert the color preventing the elements that are already dark in appearance. It is an accessibility feature available on both iPhone and Android to help visually impaired people who struggle with the light theme.

Go Dark Mode On Snapchat Without App Appearance Using iPhone

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone device
  2. Go to Accessibility and
  3. Swipe to tap on Accessibility Shortcut.
  4. From the list of available options, tap on Smart Invert.
  5. Tap Back and exit the Settings app.

Go Dark Mode On Snapchat Without App Appearance Using Android

  1. Open Settings on your Android device
  2. Scroll down to System and
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Turn On Color Inversion.

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