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You are probably on this page because you want to create a Payoneer account in Ghana. In today’s post, I will teach you how to create a Payoneer account

Then I’m introducing to you a Payoneer Global payment option. It helps digital marketers and business owners to transfer and conveniently receive global payments quickly.

I will discuss how you can create your Payoneer account later in this post, but in the meantime, let’s answer the question someone asked me about Payoneer or the US bank account in Ghana.

“I’m in Ghana, and I have no family outside. Why do I need the Payoneer account in Ghana?, Justinah asked.”

Why Do I Need A Payoneer Account In Ghana? –

Having a Payoneer account in Ghana is very important if you’re an internet marketer doing affiliate marketing, digital marketing, freelancing, blogging, or eCommerce.

 Payoneer account gives you the access to manage all your transactions and receive your online payments globally without any difficulties. 

I’m in the affiliate marketing industry, and I discovered that not all affiliate networks use bank transfer or PayPal as their payment option. 

ClickBank, for instance, doesn’t allow users outside the United States to cash out their earnings into their local bank account unless you choose the check transfer. 

And in the worst case, the check can delay for several weeks before landing at your postal address. 

That’s why it is vital to create a Payoneer account in Ghana if you want to start doing affiliate marketing in Ghana. 

How to create a Payoneer account in Ghana

However, with the Payoneer account in Ghana, you can choose direct deposit and enter your US bank account details, including the routing number, to receive global payments from your clients or any affiliate networks. 

Not only that, but Payoneer also gives you a bonus of $25 if you receive a payment of $1000. Again, you will have a Payoneer MasterCard, which will be ship to your location when requested for FREE. 

You can use the Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw funds from any ATM in Ghana. Are you happy now? Then let’s get over to how you can create a verified Payoneer account in Ghana right away.

How To Create A Payoneer Account In Ghana

✔ Step 1

Click Here to visit the official website of Payoneer Global Payment service and click on register. It will take you to a page, as seen in the screenshot below.

ow to create a payoneer account in Ghana

Our purpose for the Payoneer account is to use it for online transactions such as receiving money from our affiliate networks and using it as a payment option online.

Therefore, select I’m an affiliate marketer and click on next to continue.

Step 2.

ow to create a payoneer account in Ghana

Choose the option that says, Get paid by publishers, networks, and platforms. You can promote Payoneer to your friends once you finish creating your account.

Click NEXT to continue to the primary process of the Payoneer account sign-up in Ghana.

✔ Step 3

ow to create a payoneer account in Ghana

Follow the steps below to create your US bank account in Ghana.

  1. Click on individual from the signup form since you don’t have a registered business yet. However, if you have a registered company, you can select the company option and continue with your details.
  2. Put in your legal (name on your national ID) first and last name.
  3. Enter your business email address. (Give your active email address)
  4. Confirm your email address by entering it again.
  5. Choose your date of birth and click on NEXT to continue.

✔Step 4

ow to create a payoneer account in Ghana

Now, we have moved on to the second phase of creating our Payoneer account in Ghana. In these steps, you are to provide the legit account information about yourself.

  1. Select Ghana from the popup list and if you are in Nigeria, choose your country, and let’s move on.
  2. Provide your address details. (Give the correct one; you will need it when you’re applying for the Payoneer MasterCard)
  3. Enter your city or town name.
  4. Type in your country’s postal or zip code. ( For Ghana, the zip code is either 00233 or 23321, and for Nigeria, you can use either 110001 or 23401)
  5. Put in your mobile phone number. Make sure it is active. ( Payoneer will instantly send you an SMS verification code as soon as you click on SEND CODE.
  6. Check your inbox and type in the verification code.
  7. Click on NEXT to continue to the security section.

✔ Step 5

ow to create a payoneer account in Ghana

Please pay very close attention to the following steps. It is advisable to write your password in your notes or take a screenshot of it. Again, you have to create a strong password for your account as well. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a strong password for your Payoneer account. (A strong password is a combination of upper and lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers. e.g., ILovemoney@*#@1)
  2. Confirm your password.
  3. Choose a security question to incase you lost your password. These are the types of security questions to expect: What is the paternal grandmother’s first name? When is your father’s birthday?, What is the name of your first pet?, What is the street on which you grew up? And What’s your parent’s wedding anniversary?
  4. Provide the security answer to your chosen question.
  5. Choose your national ID type and type in the ID number for verification.
  6. Enter the correct Recaptcha code and click on Next.

✔ Step 6

Follow the steps below to connect your local bank account to Payoneer:

  1. Select your bank country (Ghana or Nigeria) and the currency.
  2. Provide your bank name info (e.g., Ghana Commercial Bank)
  3. Write your Full name on the account holder box (Note: The name you used for your local bank account)
  4. Carefully put in your bank account number. (Check your account number to see if it is correct)
  5. Enter your Bank SWIFT/BIC code. Google it if you don’t know your Bank SWIFT code.
  6. Click on Agree by ticking the terms and conditions, including the fees.
  7. Hola! You have successfully created your Payoneer account in Ghana.
  8. In no time, the Payoneer team will review your account details and approve you.
  9. Congratulations


Now that you know how to create a Payoneer account, what are you waiting for? Visit the Payoneer’s official website and create your account today for FREE. And if you have any questions on how to create a Payoneer account, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us below.

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