How do I borrow money from Fido?

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Are you looking for how to borrow money online in Ghana? You have visited the right place. In this article, I will show you how to borrow money online in Ghana and have it in your wallet within minutes. Read on to learn more!

Fido money lending is one of the financial institutions that lend individuals and entrepreneurs who require capital to sponsor or solve their financial situation. 

So, whether you’re a student, government worker, or employee in a private company, Fido gives you the available means to request a loan within minutes.

Before getting excited about borrowing money from Fido fast, let’s use a few seconds to understand Fido Microcredit, and see whether it is the best money lending limited in Ghana or not.

Get To Know More About Fido money App

Fido is a financial money lending company launched in Ghana to provide financial assistance to startups, micro-entrepreneurs, private sectors, and individuals looking for financial help. Since its first launch in 2014, Fido money lending has become the go-to place for individuals in Ghana. 

Fido money is licensed as a financial institution under the Bank of Ghana to lend money to all eligible borrowers.

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They work with other commercial banks and mobile services such as MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, and Tigo Cash to make it easy for borrowers to quickly and conveniently get their money.

With the help of your mobile device, you can have access to the Fido lending money application and request a loan.

You don’t need any guarantors or any strict documentation before borrowing money from the Fido lending company. I will guide you on borrowing money from Fido in this post, so read on.

Benefits Of Borrowing Money from Fido

how to borrow money online in Ghana
  1. It is the fastest and convenient way of borrowing money: Most money lending institutions in Ghana will require strict documentation before they can process your loan request, which will take you about 2-3 business days. However, with Fido money lending limited, you get everything in your hands, your smartphone. With the help of your mobile device, you can request a loan in no time.
  1. No application fees requested: With Fido, you don’t need to pay any processing fee for your loan request. Some traditional money lending institutions in Ghana will charge a processing fee before you can have your loan, which is another big stress.
  1. No guarantors at all: You don’t need any guarantor or a third party to assist you before borrowing money from Fido money lending limited. 
  1. Fido is for all: Most financial institutions are liberal in providing loan services only to government workers but rarely to private sectors or individuals. That’s why the Fido lending company appears on the scene to put a smile on those individuals who don’t meet such standards.
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Requirements Needed Before Borrowing Money On Fido

  1. Get your valid National ID 
  2. Bring a mobile money account that is at least two months old
  3. Be a Ghanaian or a resident in Ghana over 18 years of age

How To Borrow Money From Fido 

how to borrow money online in Ghana

Follow the steps below to borrow money from Fido, Ghana’s favorite money lending company:

  1. Open Google play store on your smartphone device.
  2. Search for FIDO money credit from the google play store.
  3. Click on install to download the app on your phone.
  4. Open the app on your mobile device.
  5. Click on get started to apply for the loan process.
  6. Tap on “Get A Loan.” They will welcome you with their terms and conditions. Read carefully before making any decision.
  7. If you’re OK with it, click on the continue tap to proceed to the on-screen instructions.
  8. Fill in and complete the loan application form, and you’ll receive your money instantly.

My Take On How To Borrow Money Online In Ghana

First-time borrowers are only eligible to get a loan of a maximum of GHC200, which they have to pay their debt within 30 days. 

Therefore, my take is that you need to repay your loan on time to unlock other benefits ranging from GHC6oo to GHC1000.

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