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Fun Themes For Adult Birthday Parties

Someone special to you is heading for a birthday soon, and you are the designated party planner. It’s up to you to make this a night to remember for the birthday person and all the guests. There’s a lot riding on your shoulders from start to finish, so you had better start planning ahead now! 

We’re going to be looking at some fun party ideas for you to consider, but let’s talk about the invitations first. Instead of the usual pretty party envelope and canned birthday invitation, get some plain brown packing boxes and place an inexpensive plastic toy hat, noisemaker, or some other fun party favour that will match the theme you choose!

Then, go green by using compostable shipping labels in Australia to address them, and send them off! The guests will be intrigued as to what’s in the box, and delighted to have something they can bring along to help celebrate! Clever? Yes!

For today’s purposes, we are going to focus on themes for adult celebrations. Kid’s parties are pretty simple these days, nobody cares if there’s a clown, just load them up on sugar followed by letting them play their handheld games all day, too easy!

The adults can sit back and relax while the kids bleep-bop-bloop! If that sounds a bit cold, well, just ask the kids (I bet I was right!), or look here for some nice kid’s birthday ideas that won’t be too much work for you, and will make you feel better about your parenting.

OK, back to the fun stuff with grown-ups! 

Wine Tasting Party – I told you this would be fun! Let’s just cut to the chase and start at the bar! You will have to lay out some cash for this one ahead of time, but happy party-goers can be directed to ‘ye olde tip jar’ to help you recoup your investment!

Try for at least twelve vintages, and enough bottles to serve the number of guests. Be sure to include at least one that’s pretty fancy (AKA pricey!), a bunch of middle of the road, but decent brands to fill things out, and some kind of tooty-frooty new ‘grape alternative’ wine made from muntries or some such to completely throw off the palate, then back over it with a bus.

Then, have some real fun by sneaking in a bottle of rotgut from the bottom shelf at the petrol station!

Now here comes the best part! (No, not drinking it all, that’s a given.) Hide the bottles behind the bar and have them numbered, then each guest receives a scorecard with room to write snooty wine comments like “nice nose” or “well oaked” plus a 1 to 10 rating.

Hilarity ensues at the final reveal when somebody inevitably picks the midnight special over the posh stuff! 

Well, that idea was so much fun it seems we have run out of space for all the other party themes, oh well, maybe next year! Cheers, and bottoms up!

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