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Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse Daughter Claude Cahun

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaise is the mother of a 20th-century artist called Claude Cahun. Claude Cahun was born Lucy Schwob but changed her name at 18.

She chose Claude to protest gender and sexual norms, where society generally considered men to be men and women to be women. The result of her lifelong exploration of gender and sexual identity as a photographer and writer is a following massive decades after her death.

And in today’s post, we will discuss the daughter of Mary-Antoinette Courbebaise and see what impact she had in today’s world.


Who Was Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse?

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse

Mary-Antoinette Courbeb was born on 12 December 1864 at Rochefort, Charente Maritime. She was only 69 years old when she met her death in 1933. 

She has a considerable family background, which is known as a big family tree that is known by many people everywhere. She got married to Rene Maurice Schwob in 1887. 

Also, while discussing the Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinettewe must have talked about children and grandchildren with their small introduction. Mary Antoinette has two children of her own.

Was Claude Cahun The Daughter Of Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse?

Claude Cahun is the daughter of Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse. She was born October 25, 1894, in Nantes, western France, to a Jewish family. Cahun was the child of newspaper owners Maurice Schwob and Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse.

The artist (who was born Lucy Schwob) grew up surrounded by creative people: Maurice’s brother was avant-garde writer Marcel Schwob, and his uncle was traveler and writer David Léon Cahun.

Source: Wikipedia

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