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Most of us had to research how action camera flashlights take clear and sharp images even in the deepest of the ocean and darkest of caves, and that was how we got to know about action camera flashlights: The source of illumination behind most of the cave images, deep sea shots and deep jungle images you see.

An action camera is a portable and easy-mountable camera that is used in mainly capturing in-motion and adventurous moments such as hiking, diving or swimming or water sports, and biking. These cameras can be mounted on helmets and handlebars, and the action camera is the light mounted on top of those cameras to have a clear shot.

Before we proceed, which parts of the human body are the action cameras most mounted? Well, you can mount an action camera to the body by:

  • Helmet mount
  • Handlebar mount
  • Head Strap Mount
  • Chest Mount
  • Shoulder mount
  • Backpack mount and
  • Bite. The Bite mounting of an action camera is the new style of holding the mount with your teeth, but it can notbe stable as compared to other mounting options.

Now, let’s talk about the flashlight aspect of these action cameras. This flashlight completes the functionality of the cameras, especially in low-light or dark environments. They bring the life out of every shot according to your type.

5 Things To Know About Action Camera Flashlights
Action Camera Flashlight

Things To About Action Camera Flashlight

  • Lighting Modes

The action camera flashlights come with different lighting modes to adapt to various situations. The most common light modes of flashlights for action camera includes High Beam, Low Beam, and Strobe.

High Beam: The high beam lights provide a bright and focused light that is perfect for brightening distant objects.

Low Beam: Low Bean mode is more subdued than the higher beam and it is best when you need a softer light and want to conserve battery power.

Strobe: The strobe mode of lightening produces rapid pulses of light and it is best for attraction of signaling.

  • Design and Mounting

Action camera flashlights are made to be compact and lightweight to fit the task: easy to carry around and attached to your camera. They are durable and withstand rough conditions such as water, dust, and shocks.

Some of the flashlights come with dedicated mounts such as the Bite mount, thus extra easy to attach to existing mounts or its housing.

  • Beam Angle

The beam angle is the width of the flashlight’s light projection. A wide beam angle is suitable for capturing a broader field of view which is most desired in action camera footage.

On the other hand, a narrow beam angle concentrates the light on small areas which is best when you need to focus on a particular detail or moment.

  • Power Source

Action camera flashlights are powered by rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are more convenient and cost-effective in the long run. On the other hand, disposable batteries are good when you find yourself at a very remote location.

Whichever you chose, make sure to check the battery life and charging options if they suit your plans.

  • Waterproofing

Almost all action camera flashlights have water-resistant features to withstand water exposure during activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, diving, etc. Make sure it is well-indicated on it before you make the purchase and do not forget to read the manufacturer’s guide when buying a new action camera flashlight.

Most Popular Action Camera Flashlights and their features

  • Lume Cube 2.0: Brightness of 1500 lumens and color temperature of 5600k
  • GoPro Light Mode: Brightness of 200 lumens and color temperature of 5000k
  • Ulanzi VL49 RGB LED Video Light: Birgtness of 800 lumens and color temperature range of 2500k to 9000k

Depending on your preference, job, and budget, any of these action camera flashlights will help bring out the life in your shots and give you the edges you want.


Action camera flashlights are essential accessories for action camera enthusiasts, offering enhanced lighting capabilities in low-light or dark environments.These compact and durable flashlights can be easily attached to action cameras, providing illumination for capturing high-quality footage and photos.

With various lighting modes, such as high beam, low beam, and strobe, users can adjust the intensity and effect according to their specific needs. The beam angle can also be customized to capture a wide field of view or focus on specific details.

Waterproofing features ensure the flashlight’s functionality during water-based activities. Rechargeable batteries offer convenience and cost-effectiveness, while disposable batteries serve as backup options for remote locations.

By following manufacturer instructions and experimenting with different settings, users can unleash their creativity and capture stunning moments during their adventures.

Action camera flashlights bring vibrancy and clarity to videos and photos, allowing enthusiasts to relive and share their exciting experiences with others.

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