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American Zachary Taylor Warner is best known for being the son of Kurt Warner, one of the most illustrious quarterbacks in NFL history.

Zachary Taylor Warner was the inspiration behind the founding of the Treasure House, an establishment in Pheonix, Arizona, USA.

The Treasure House provides housing services for young people with cognitive disabilities. Zachary Taylor Warner’s parents, Kurt and Brenda Warner are the co-founders of this charitable building.

Profile Summary

Real nameZachary Taylor Warner
Stage NameZack
Birthday29 April, 1989
ParentKurt Warner, Brenda Warner
OccupationSocial Media Personality
Net Worth$750, 000

zachary taylor warner Biography

Zack was born in America and raised by his parents along with his siblings. He was a normal child at birth, and nothing was wrong with him until a few months later.

Zachary shared his childhood with a sister named Jesse until his mother married Kurt Warner and gave him another sibling named Kade.

Growing up was not a walk in the park for Taylor who has had to live with a disability he was not born with. As such, he has only attended special schools which his mother and stepfather sacrificed a lot to see him through.

he attended a local private high school. Zachary admitted himself to the university and received a bachelor’s degree from the university.

Is Kurt Warner the Biological Father of Zachary Taylor?

No. Kurt Warner is not the biological father of Zachary Taylor Warner. Zachary is Kurt Warner’s adopted son from his wife’s previous relationship. However, Kurt Warner is delighted to be referred to as his son.

Brender Warner is the biological mother of Zachary Taylor Warner. He was born on April 29, 1989. The biological father of Zachary Taylor Warner is not yet known to the media.

Brender Warner met his ex-husband, Zachary Taylor Warner’s biological father, during her time at the USMC. The duo was both serving in the marine.

They got married in 1987, and after two years, they gave birth to their first child, Zachary Taylor. Brenda earned the rank of a Corporal but retired due to adversity after an incident that left Zachary Taylor disabled by sight.

How Did Zachary Warner Became Blind?

Zack was 3 to 4 months old when he suffered serious brain damage that left him disabled. As the story goes, his birth father, Neil was holding him in the bathroom when he slipped from his hands and hit his head on the bathtub. As a baby, landing on his head was tragic and left him with life-threatening injuries.

33 years later, Zachary Taylor Warner is still alive but as predicted, his life is far from normal. Due to the brain damage he suffered, his motor skills are not functioning well and the young lad is almost blind. He practically has to struggle to carry out simple tasks like feeding himself.

Zachary Taylor warner Career

Being fond of playing football from a young age, he chose to make a career in that field, but due to the casualty that he lost his eyes his eyes along with the brain issues, that dream was shut down.

how old is Zachary taylor warner?

Zack is 33 years as of 2022. He was born on 29 April, 1989.

who is zachary taylor warner’s real father?

Neil is the only name known of the man that fathered Zack, he was raised by his stepfather Kurt Warner.

Source: Youths 4 Success

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