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Sandra Zouma is the wife of the West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma. Sandra is a philanthropist who assists many people in need. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about Sandra Zouma, such as her birthday, zodiac sign, career, and so much more.

Real NameSandra Zouma
Birth Date1992
Age30 as of 2022
OccupationProduct Manager
SpouseKurt Zouma
Known Forknown for being the wife of Kurt Zouma
Net Worth$2 million

who is sandra zouma?

Sandra prefers to maintain a low profile on social media and she does her best to avoid the spotlight. Sandra is a great philanthropist always trying to help others in need. She is mostly known for being the wife of the former Chelsea centre-back Kurt Zouma.

sandra zouma biography

Sandra Zouma was born in 1992, so her age is 30. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the exact date of birth of Sandra, so we can’t say for sure what her zodiac sign is.

She was born in France, meaning that her nationality is French such as her husband’s


Sandra is thought to be a product manager at Seed, a charity organization. She devotes her daily life to assisting communities and improving the state of the world. That is not the only thing she does on her ability to contribute to society.

She and her husband Kurt are also involved in a number of humanitarian works, the couple contributes a sizable sum to the cause. From her work, it is clear that Kurt Zouma’s wife is a dedicated woman fighting for a good cause.

She is averse to announcing her accomplishments and drawing media attention to the enormous difference she is making. However, we believe that is also a significant element of her personality.

sandra zouma’s husband

Kurt Zouma has been known to his wife for ten years. The couple met as teenagers and immediately established a connection. They dated for a long period of time before marrying in 2012. The French defender was only 19 years old at the time. The pair has experienced numerous ups and downs. They have overcome all obstacles and are now responsible parents.

sandra zouma’s net worth

Sandra Zouma has an estimated Net Worth of $2 Million in 2022.She earns a good fortune from her hard work, which she devotes a lot of time to and where she presents oneself entirely.

how many children does sandra zouma have?

Sandra Zouma and Kurt Zouma have five children together.
Their eldest child is their daughter Shanna Zouma, who is a model. Sandra and Kurt have another two daughters Sihame and Sanaa.
Sandra and Kurt also have two sons, Ryan Zouma and Kais Zouma.

how old is sandra zouma?

The wife of the Westham football star is believed to be 30 years as of 2022, she was born in 1992, the exact day and month is unknown to the public.

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