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Who Is Jack Matfin Bell, The Son of Jamie Bell And Evan Rachel Wood?

The celebrity child Jack Matfin Bell is well recognized today. Being the sole biological child of Hollywood celebrities Jamie Bell and his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood has made him a household name.

His father, English actor Jami, became well-known for his performance in the coming-of-age comedy. Evan Matfin, mother of Jack Matfin, is also an American actor and activist.

His mother has been a professional actress since 1994, and she is well-known for her roles in Westworld, Thirteen, Across the Universe, and Whatever Works.

Similarly, Evan is well-known for lending her voice to the role of Queen Iduna in the Disney sequel Frozen. Given that Jack is the son of two prosperous individuals, it stands to reason that many people are curious to find out whether the popular child is following in his parents’ successful footsteps.

In this post, I would like to start by discussing a little biography of Jack Matfin Bell. How old is Jack Matfin Bell, birthday, and everything you need to know about this celebrity kid.

who is Jack Matfin bell?

Real NameJack Matfin Bell
Birth DateJuly 29, 2013
Age10 Years (as of 2023)
ParentsAndrew James Matfin Bell, Evan Rachel Wood

jack matfin bell’s biography

He was born on July 29, 2013 in the United States of America. As of 2023, Jack turns 10 years old. After his birth, his mother took about 6 months maternity leave and forced her to return to participate in the filming of 10 things I hate about life (2014).

In terms of nationality, the star boy is an American and in terms of ethnicity, he belongs to the white ethnic group.

Who Are Jack matfin bell’s parents?

As stated above, Jack Matfin Bell is the son of the famous Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. It is best if we discuss something small about his parents. Or what do you think?

Who is Jack Matfin Bell’s mother?

Jack Matfin Bell mother

Evan Rachel Wood was born on September 7, 1987. She is a popular American actress, model, and musician. Jack is popularly known for being the son of Rachel Wood. Evan Wood started her career by appearing in several television films in 1994.

Jack Matfin Bell father

Jamie Bell is a renowned actor and dancer of the United States. He was born 14 March 1986 in Billingham, Teesside, England. Her mother raised Jamie and trained him. Jamie Bell has an elder sister who supported him in his entire life. 

Jamie pursued his career as a dancer and actor. He struggled hard to acquire fame in the United States for being a popular actor. He gained popularity for being an actor in Billy Eliot in 2000 and attend the BAFTA  awards for the best and leading role.

is jack matfin bell’s parents still together?

Parents of the celebrity kid, Jamie Bell, and Evan Rachel Wood, were together for nearly two years. At the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, the pair first got to know one another.

According to rumors, Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends music video was where Bell and Wood first got to know one another. They had been passionately in love when Jack’s father told them. They split up in 2006 after becoming acquainted and going on dates.

Midway through 2011, they reconciled and kept their romance going. Lastly, on October 30, 2012, in a private ceremony, Matfin’s parents also exchanged wedding bands. The couple filed for divorce on May 28, 2014, having decided that they could no longer cohabitate.

who has custody of jack matfin bell?

Jamie and Evan prioritized co-parenting him after their divorce until 2017. But since 2020, they have been embroiled in a lengthy custody battle over their child.

jack matfin bell net worth

As the first child of Jamie and Evan, the famous child undoubtedly lives a luxurious lifestyle. Since Jack is not yet involved in any profession, his net worth is not available.

9-year-old Bell is currently enjoying his parents’ fortune. As of 2023, his father Jamie Bell has a net worth of $12 million. Likewise, his mom Evan Rachel has a whooping net worth of $8 million.

how old is jack matfin bell?

Jack is 10 years as of 2023, he celebrates his birthday every July 29.

what is jack matfin bell’s nationality?

Jack Matfin is an American. He was born in United States

what is jack matfin bell net worth?

Jack does not have any net worth yet but he enjoys the riches of his celebrity parents.

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