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SSNIT Ghana is one of the most popular retirement planning schemes in Ghana. Having a pension plan is one of the most significant investment ideas which will feed you in your retirement.

The Pension Scheme as administered by SSNIT Ghana has an active membership of over 1.6 million as of January 2021 with over 226,000 pensioners who regularly receive their monthly pensions from SSNIT.

What SSNIT Ghana Is About?

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is an agency of the government of Ghana. The purpose of the SSNIT is to administrate the National Pension Scheme.

The SSNIT Ghana was established in November 1972 as an independent body to administer the Social Security Scheme of Ghana.

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged under the National Pensions Act, 2008 Act 766 with the administration of Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Scheme.

The SSNIT Ghana is currently the largest non-bank financial institution in Ghana.

What Is A Social Security?

Social Security may be defined as any program of social protection established by legislation, or any other mandatory arrangement, that provides individuals with a degree of income security when faced with the contingencies of old age, survivorship, incapacity, disability, unemployment, or rearing children” 

Though it is best known for retirement benefits, it also provides survivor benefits and disability income.

The package includes money or healthcare for the beneficiaries. SSNIT Ghana is there to assist any contributor who can no longer work because of disability, sickness, or old age.

Who Qualifies To Contribute To SSNIT

SSNIT Ghana details

Membership in the SSNIT Ghana Pension Scheme is open to workers in both the private and public sectors.

 Only Officers and men of the Ghana Armed Forces and Categories of persons explicitly stated by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana are exempted. 

The scheme is also optional for the self-employed.

What Are The Benefits Of Contributing To SSNIT?

The primary responsibility of the Trust is to replace part of the lost income of workers in Ghana due to Old Age, Invalidity, or Death of a member where dependants receive lump sum payment.

However, there are four (4) types of benefits under the SSNIT Ghana scheme that members can enjoy depending on which contingency has occurred. And these are:

  • Superannuation Pension/ Old age Pension
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Survivor’s Lump sum.
  • Emigration benefit

What are the Qualifying Conditions of the Benefits?

The following factors are taken into consideration:
i) Age
ii) Average of your three (3) Best Years Salaries
iii) Earned Pension Right – Number of months you have contributed to the scheme

You can earn a pension right between 37.5% and 60%, depending on the number of months contributed at the time of retirement.

A minimum contribution of 180 months (15 Years) gives a pension right of 37.5%, and every additional month attracts an additional percentage of 0.09375%.

How to Apply For Your SSNIT Benefit

  • Contact the nearest SSNIT Ghana Branch with your Smart Card or Biometric Card.
  • Submit a letter of retirement from your employer.
  • The SSNIT Branch will then provide you with a Pension Application Form for completion.
  • Submit your completed form to the SSNIT Branch.
  • Provide an active bank account number that bears your name—evidence of bank account details.
  • SSNIT will notify you to collect your monthly pension at your bank

What Is SSNIT Survivors’ Benefit

The benefit is computed as follows:

Where a member dies having made at least twelve months’ contributions within the last 36 months prior to the death of the member, SSNIT will fund a lump sum payment of the earned pension of the deceased member for a period of 15 years paid.

How to Apply for Survivors’ Benefit (SSNIT Death Benefit Claims)

Carefully follow these steps if you want to claim an SSNIT benefit for a late member of your family.

Report the death of a member to the nearest SSNIT Branch Office with any two of the following pieces of evidence of Death including a letter from the employer.

i) Death Certificate
ii) Obituary/Poster
iii) Burial Permit
iv) Medical Certificate
v) Letter from Employer where available
vi) Funeral program
vii) Affidavit from Chief of Village or Town

On receiving information about the death of a member, SSNIT will request the nominated dependants to apply for the benefit.

A dependant may call at SSNIT Branch Office to collect, complete, and submit an Application Form to which he will attach one of the documents listed above.

SSNIT Ghana Address And Contact Numbers

SSNIT Ghana BranchesContact Numbers
Accra Industrial Area(0302)225233
Legon (0302) 506224
Weija(0302) 850216
Achimota(0302) 402210
Agona Swedru(033 20) 20399
Pension House Branch(0302) 667731
Adabraka Branch(0302) 669493
Accra Central(0302) 664987
Korle Bu(0302) 660172
Tema C. 2(0303) 204007
Tema Harbour Branch(0303) 206802
Tema East Branch(0303) 7012081
Teshie/Nungua Branch(0302) 711022
Somanya Branch(034 20) 91417
Suame Branch0322005037
Adum Branch(032 20) 24902
Kumasi Asafo Branch(032 20) 22266
Konongo Branch(032 21) 24470
Dunkwa Branch(033 22) 28256
Obuasi Branch(032 25) 41727
Mampong Ashanti Branch(032 25) 22318
Sefwi Wiawso Branch 0244339976
Bekwai Branch (032 24) 20297
Sunyani Branch(035 20) 23532
Wenchi Branch(035 20) 92098
Goaso Branch(035 20) 94262
Techiman Branch(035 25) 91697
Tarkwa Branch(031 23) 20332
Takoradi Branch(031 20) 23565
Axim Branch(031 21) 22303
Cape Coast Branch(033 21) 32991
Assin Fosu(033 22) 40544
Breman Asikuma 0337010038
Koforidua Branch(034 20) 23101
Kade Branch(034 292) 2855
Nkawkaw Branch(034 31) 22143
Akim Oda Branch(034 292) 2586
Mampong Akwapim(034 27) 22019
Ho(036 20) 26657
Hohoe Branch(036 27) 22089
Tamale(037 20) 22096
Yendi(037 20) 95243
Wa(039 20) 22435
Lawra(039 20) 22819
Bolgatanga(038 20) 22370
Bawku(038 22) 22276
Gambaga (037 20) 94424

FAQs About SSNIT Ghana

How can I check my SSNIT account?

  1. Request a portal identification number from SSNIT.
  2. Login to the SSNIT website (www.ssnit.org.gh)
  3. Set up your security credentials.
  4. Check your contributions and benefit.

Who qualifies for SSNIT Benefits?

You must be 55 years and above but below 60 years of age; and. You must have made a minimum contribution of 180 months (15 years) under act 766 and 240 months (20 years) under PNDCL 247.

Can a student register for Ssnit?

It is good to contribute to the pension scheme early to ensure retirement income security. Therefore, students at various tertiary institutions across the country have been encouraged to register for SSNIT.

Is it compulsory to pay SSNIT?

It is a defined benefit scheme and mandatory for workers to have 13.5% contributions made on their behalf. The contribution is managed by SSNIT.

Can you withdraw money from SSNIT?

A member cannot withdraw part of his contribution because again it is not a saving scheme. The contributions have to be made over a period of time and invested to enable the scheme to pay out the benefits guaranteed under the scheme.

Can I pay my own SSNIT?

Yes, you can use your NIA number (Personal ID Number on the Ghana Card) if it has been merged with your SSNIT number.

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