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A multimillion-dollar idea nearly left to rot. This is the story of how Scrub Daddy owner Aaron Krause invented an almost a billion-dollar line of polishing pads that have so far captivated the heart of over 7 million users in the United States only

Scrub Daddy is a brand that revolutionized the way we approach cleaning chores. Created by inventor Aaron Krause, Scrub Daddy is known for its smiley face design, patented flex texture material, and amazing cleaning capabilities. This remarkable sponge changes texture based on water temperature, it turns firm in cold water and soft in warm water, allowing for both gentle and vigorous cleaning action.

Though the first line of products was created in 2008, 3M acquired the company but left the products unexposed and kept them in its office to rot. Five years later in 2012, when Aaron Krause used the remaining pads to clean his lawn furniture was the moment he realized he can give it a try again.

However, according to Scrub Daddy’s website, it was founded in 2012 with grassroots marketing. On the Shark Tank episode originally aired in October 2012, Lori Greiner made a 20% equity stake deal with Krause for $200,000. The following day, Greiner and Krause sold out 42,000 sponges in under seven minutes on QVC.

With the nationwide exposure gained from the show, Scrub Daddy quickly became a household name, captivating consumers with its unique features and ensuring a hefty revenue flow for its creator and investor

Aaron Krause Expanded the product line

Driven by Scrub Daddy’s initial success, Aaron Krause continued to innovate and expand the brand’s product line. From Scrub Mommy to Scrub Daisy, these ingenious variations catered to different cleaning needs, further solidifying Scrub Daddy’s position in the cleaning industry.

The brand’s ability to constantly introduce new and functional products has undoubtedly contributed to its financial growth and overall success.

Scrub Daddy’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, Aaron Kruase and Scrub Daddy’s net worth surpassed $209 million in 2019, having sold more than $670 million dollars in retail sales since its launch the same year

And the company keeps expanding to selling over 120 products in 257,000 retail locations, Scrub Daddy keeps making at least 80% increase in sales and revenue yearly.

Therefore, in 2023, Aaron Krause and Scrub Daddy’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million being the highest of any Shark Tank product.

As the brand expanded its reach and gained widespread popularity, its sales skyrocketed. Scrub Daddy products are now stocked in major retailers across the United States and have achieved international distribution as well.

With an ever-growing customer base and a range of highly sought-after cleaning solutions, Scrub Daddy’s net worth is undoubtedly substantial.

Aaron Krause Mastered Branding

Scrub Daddy’s success story is a testament to the power of innovation and branding. Aaron Krause’s ability to create a product that add up and improve the cleaning industry, coupled with the brand’s distinctive smiley face design, has helped Scrub Daddy carve a niche for itself in a highly competitive market and its winning it.

The unparalleled cleaning performance, versatility, and visually appealing aesthetics have played a vital role in establishing Scrub Daddy as a trusted and reputable brand.

Scrub Daddy’s net worth can also be attributed to its strong connection with customers. Through social media platforms and direct interactions, the brand actively seeks and values customer feedback.

This dedication to continually improving their products based on customer suggestions has fostered an unwavering loyalty among Scrub Daddy enthusiasts.

Aaron Krause Partnered and Collaborate with others

Another factor that has propelled Scrub Daddy’s net worth is its strategic collaborations and partnerships. By teaming up with well-known brands and influencers such as Unilever and Cif, Scrub Daddy has expanded its reach and attracted a broader customer base.

Through this approach, Scrub Daddy has amplified its brand exposure and maximized its revenue potential.


How much is scrub daddy worth in 2023?

Scrub Daddy was worth more than $780 million as of 2021. Hence with 2023 revenue inflow of of $300 million, the company is set to worth close to a $900 million on estimate.

Is scrub daddy still successful?

Yes, Scrub Daddy company is till active and now has the record of most successful product ever from Shark Tank selling all across America.

Who is th CEO of scrub daddy?

Aaron Krause is the inventor and founder of Scrub Daddy Inc.

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