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How much does the man who eats raw meat in the name of following his ancestors’ diet make? What is Liver King’s net worth? Does he have a better additional source of income or only through his brand and social media platforms?

Born as Brian Johnson, he use to work as a health assistant to his wife Barbara Johnson, who works as a dental specialist before her husband shoot to notoriety through TikTok videos.

Liver King is a controversial figure in the health and fitness industry. He claims to be a primal living enthusiast who follows a carnivore diet and consumes raw animal organs on a daily basis.

He also promotes his own brand of supplements, Ancestral Supplements, which are made from freeze-dried animal organs. He has a popular Instagram account, @liverking, where he posts videos of his workouts and meals, as well as motivational messages and testimonials from his followers.

But how much money does Liver King make from his online presence and his supplement business? And what is his net worth as of 2023?

In this blog post, we will try to answer these questions based on the available information and estimates.

What is Liver King's Net Worth
Liver King

Revenue By Liver King’s Instagram

Liver King has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, which is his main platform for reaching his audience. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an Instagram account with that many followers can earn between $1,200 and $2,000 per sponsored post.

Assuming that Liver King posts one sponsored post per week, he could potentially earn between $62,400 and $104,000 per year from Instagram alone.

However, not all of Liver King’s posts are sponsored. He also uses his account to promote his own products, Ancestral Supplements, which are sold on Amazon and on his website.

He claims that these supplements are made from grass-fed animals sourced from New Zealand and that they provide various health benefits, such as boosting immunity, energy, libido, and cognitive function.

He also claims that these supplements are based on the ancient wisdom of eating nose-to-tail or consuming every part of the animal.

Liver king’s Revenue from Amazon

According to Amazon, Ancestral Supplements has over 20 products available for sale, ranging from beef liver capsules to bone marrow capsules to brain capsules. The prices vary from $36 to $68 per bottle, depending on the type and quantity of the product.

The products have mostly positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Meaning people are really buying and are having interesting results from his products.

According to Jungle Scout, a tool that estimates Amazon sales data, Ancestral Supplements sells about 29,000 units per month on Amazon, generating about $1.5 million in revenue.

Assuming a 30% profit margin, which is typical for supplement businesses, Ancestral Supplements could make about $450,000 in profit per month from Amazon sales.

However, Amazon is not the only channel for selling Ancestral Supplements. Liver King also has his own website, ancestralsupplements.com, where he sells the same products at slightly higher prices.

Liver King’s Revenue From Website Sales

According to SimilarWeb, ancestralsupplements.com receives about 150,000 visits per month, with an average order value of $97. Assuming a conversion rate of 2%, which is average for e-commerce websites, ancestralsupplements.com could generate about $300,000 in revenue per month.

Assuming the same profit margin as Amazon sales, ancestralsupplements.com could make about $90,000 in profit per month.

Adding up the profits from Amazon sales and website sales, Ancestral Supplements could make about $540,000 in profit per month or $6.5 million in profit per year.

Even SimilarWeb estimates that his annual revenue from the website alone ranges between $1 million to $2 million.

He has a YouTube Channel of 280k subscribers with over 55 million views since joining the platform in 2021. And according to SocialBlade, he makes at most 250, 000 dollars per year from ad revenue from Youtube.

And of course, he places his affiliate links in his descriptions for his fans and followers to patronize. That also contributes to his net worth.

Liver King’s Net Worth

Based on the above estimates, Liver King’s net worth sits not less than $7 million or more from their previous dental clinic revenues per year. He also runs a wholly fitness website thefittest.com where he sells his fitness courses, merchandise, and general food supplements to build testosterone.


How much are liver king’s companies?

The Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest are registered companies in the name of the Liver King Brian Johnson, depending on his net worth above, these two companies must be worth not less than $13 million.

How much does liver king make a year?

Liver King makes an estimated revenue of $900k per year according to the data we found and provided above.

How old is Liver king?

Brian Johnson, aka the Liver King, was born in 1978, and he is 45 years of age in 2023

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