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List Of The Top 50 Bloggers In Ghana By Avance Media: Ameyaw Debrah Ranks #1 Blogger In Ghana follow by Samuel Amadotor

In a tradition that has become a hallmark of celebrating blogging excellence, Avance Media, the leading African PR and Rating firm, has released its highly anticipated 2023 Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers ranking. This marks the fifth edition of the annual list, dedicated to honoring the remarkable individuals who have blazed a trail in educating, entertaining, and informing a global audience through various online platforms.

Ameyaw Debrah, a trailblazer in the world of blogging, has seized the top position in this year’s ranking. A luminary in the blogging sphere, Ameyaw Debrah’s name is synonymous with insightful content and engaging storytelling. His rise to the pinnacle of this prestigious list reflects the profound impact he has had on the digital landscape.

Joining Ameyaw Debrah in the coveted top 5 are an illustrious group of bloggers who have left an indelible mark on the digital frontier: Samuel Amadotor, Clement Asamoah Yeboah, Papaga Seckloawu Bless & Frank Bonor Mawutor and Rashad Emmanuel 

These top bloggers have harnessed the power of words and multimedia to captivate their audience and foster dedicated online communities.

How Avance Media Ranked bloggers In Ghana

Top 50 Bloggers In Ghana According To Avance Media

The rankings are determined by various criteria, including annual website traffic and social media engagement. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded evaluation of each blogger’s influence and reach.

Prince Akpah, the Managing Director of Avance Media, emphasized the critical role this ranking plays in inspiring bloggers to maintain the highest standards of content quality and credibility. He underlined the duty that bloggers bear in responsibly disseminating information to their global readership, affirming their role as essential voices in today’s digital landscape.

List Of Top 50 Bloggers In Ghana By Avance Media 2023

The complete list of Avance Media’s 2023 Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers is provided below:

Top 50 Bloggers In Ghana According To Avance Media
  1. Ameyaw Debrah – ameyawdebrah.com
  2. Samuel Amadotor – dklassgh.net
  3. Clement Asamoah Yeboah – gossips24.com
  4. Papaga S. Bless & Frank B. Mawutor – vimbuzz.com
  5. Rashad K. Emmanuel – ghpage.com
  6. Felix Adomako Mensah – zionfelix.net
  7. Andrews Mensah – ghgossip.com
  8. Ohemaa Candace – ghsplash.com
  9. Gideon F. Nyamekye – kickgh.com
  10. Eugene Osafo Nkansah – nkonkonsa.com
  11. Simon Kabutey Mensah – atinkanews.net
  12. Augustus Koranteng Kyei – kobbykyeinews.com
  13. Stephen Zoure – mynewsgh.com
  14. Sellas Manna – worshippersgh.com
  15. Dennis Dwomoh – thedistin.com
  16. Bra Banie – christianvibesgh.com
  17. Barimah Amoaning Samuel – entamoty.net
  18. Alfred Torgah Elikplim – ghnewsbuzz.com
  19. Shepherd Yaw Morttey – mfidie.com
  20. Emmanuel Adom Ghansah – ghanamusic.com
  21. Ellis Ferdinand – educationghana.org
  22. Alexander F. Abaka & Prince F. Cudjoe – ghanandwom.net
  23. Agboni Nicholas Kelvin – coverghana.com.gh
  24. Dan Kwasi Prince – dailyviewgh.com
  25. Emmanuel Boakye – emmarnitechs.com
  26. Cobby Collins – bestshowbiz.com
  27. Emmanuel Atigah – ictcatalogue.com
  28. Esther Xorlali Kugbey – xorlali.com
  29. Samuel Kumah – sammykaymedia.com
  30. Ebenezer Donkoh – nydjlive.com
  31. Anamoo C. Emmanuel – ichrisgh.com
  32. Gideon Awuah – youths4success.com
  33. Georgina Dotsey – gospelhypers.com
  34. Abdul G. S. Salifu – 247hitz.com
  35. Asare Emmanuel – emmacitizen.com
  36. Odompleh Bernard Kwesi – the1957news.com
  37. Francis Kofi Akonor – modernnewsgh.net
  38. Albert Nat Hyde – bongoideas.net
  39. Frank Oteng – ghlagatin.net
  40. Edward Asare – edwardasare.com
  41. Jullie J. Kanz & Sewornoo P. Atsu – hello-gh.com
  42. Michael A. Agyapa – dailynewsghana.net
  43. Stephen T. Charway – gharticles.com
  44. Charles Wundengba – wundef.com
  45. Isaac Annor – nsemwokrom.com
  46. Emmanuel Donkor – donkorsblog.com
  47. Neldrick Kwame Sackey – kwamemotion.com
  48. Elorm Beenie – beeniewords.com
  49. Jibriel S. Jagbesie – ghkasa.com
  50. Kwami Fortune – kwamifortune.com


To summarise, the vibrant culture of Ghanaian blogging displays the power of digital influence and creative expression. The top 50 Ghanaian bloggers profiled in this article exhibit diverse abilities, expertise, and enthusiasm, each leaving their imprint on the internet environment.

These bloggers are change agents, thought leaders, and storytellers, not content generators. They have a tremendous ability to inspire, educate, entertain, and connect with their audience. They honour Ghana’s rich culture, history, and diversity while welcoming global viewpoints and innovations.

As experts in their fields, these bloggers can alter ideas, challenge preconceptions, and promote change. They have established themselves as reliable sources of information, inspiration, and entertainment in Ghana and globally.

Ghanaian bloggers’ effect goes well beyond the digital arena. They start discussions, bridge gaps, and provide readers with information, ideas, and new viewpoints. Their perseverance, endurance, and drive to perfection are admirable.

These bloggers have become ambassadors for Ghana’s culture, skill, and innovation in an increasingly connected world. They have played an important role in promoting and protecting the nation’s identity, even as they continue to push the frontiers of what is possible in the internet realm.

The top 50 bloggers in Ghana are a source of inspiration for budding bloggers and anybody who loves the power of words, ideas, and the quest for knowledge. Their blogs are more than simply websites; they are digital schools, artistic galleries, and active communities.

As we honour their accomplishments and efforts, let us also recognise the potential of the next generation of Ghanaian bloggers, who will continue to define the future of digital discourse, creativity, and innovation with the direction and inspiration of these pioneers.

These top 50 Ghanaian bloggers are more than influences in the ever-changing world of blogging; they are the builders of a better, more informed, and connected future. They have used the power of the internet to push Ghana to the world, and in doing so, they have inspired us all to strive for greater heights and explore the unlimited potential of the digital era.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top 50 Bloggers In Ghana

Here are some of the FAQs about 2023 top bloggers in Ghana:

What Is Blogger Meaning?

The word “blogger” refers to someone who produces and publishes information on a blog. A blog, short for “weblog,” is a website or online platform where individuals or groups express their ideas, views, information, and expertise on various subjects.

Bloggers develop and handle blogs, updating them regularly with articles, postings, or multimedia material. Blogging is a common means of online self-expression and communication, and bloggers may write on various topics, such as personal experiences, hobbies, interests, news, fashion, travel, technology, cuisine, and so on.

Some bloggers write for personal pleasure or as a pastime, while others utilize blogging as a business, earning money via advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or other monetization tactics.

How Many Bloggers Are There In Ghana?

According to statistics by Zippia, over 600 million blogs are already worldwide, accounting for more than 6 million daily posts, or 2.5+ billion yearly. It’s difficult to provide statistics on the number of bloggers in Ghana since new blogs are created daily.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

Most bloggers in Ghana earns money via advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or other monetization tactics. According to the bloggerpassion income report, bloggers may earn up to $100,000 annually after only two years of establishing traffic and subscribers to their website. Bloggers earn $500-$2,000 per month in their first year. You may make a variety of income as a blogger.

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