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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join In Ghana

Are you a blogger or a social media influencer looking for high-paying affiliate marketing programs you can join to make money?

Whether you’re in publisher in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, or any part of the world, these affiliate networks will help you monetize your content.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest paying online business you can start at home on your smartphone or Laptop with a good internet connection.

The good news is that most affiliate networks pay between 60% to 80% on commission to their affiliates.

So what are you waiting for? Imagine you have a lot of Instagram followers or Facebook fans, and promoting affiliate offers of their interests. You will make more commissions when someone purchases through your affiliate link.

Every affiliate marketer wants to sign up with the top affiliate programs that will fetch him money with a very high commission.

That’s why youths4success has listed the top affiliate marketing programs you can join to make money online in Ghana.

However, before I proceed to my listings, if today is your first time hearing about affiliate marketing, then I would like you to read my previous post on how to start affiliate marketing as a beginner in Ghana.

After that, come back to this article to join the top affiliate marketing programs in Ghana to make commissions.

You can decide to join all of the top affiliate programs or choose the ones that are the best fit for your audience.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Ghana

Below are the top affiliate marketing programs you can join in Ghana if you want to promote digital products such as ebooks, software, video courses, etc.

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Therefore let’s start with our first top affiliate marketing networks on our list:

1. ShareAsale

affiliate marketing in ghana

ShareAsale is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs and has been in existence for about 20 years. On average, 260 affiliates join their program every day and have paid over $915 to their affiliates as of last year alone.

 ShareAsale is an extremely active affiliate marketing network with thousands of companies and products in many categories. New products are being added every day, and I have been promoting brands and products from their portal.

2. ClickBank

affiliate marketing in ghana

ClickBank is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs you can sign up for to get more affiliate commissions. Whether you’re a content creator or influencer, media partner, loyalty, and incentive site, you can sign up for the ClickBank affiliate program to monetize your creativity.

They have categories like bet/sports, entertainment, business, self-help, relationship, and many other offers you can promote for free.

Create your free ClickBank account today and start getting affiliate commissions when promoting offers to your audience.

Just like ShareAsale, ClickBank also offers tons of digital products you can promote for free such as online courses, ebooks, software, etc. I have an article on how to promote ClickBank products for free, make sure you read it and take action.

3. CJ Affiliate

affiliate marketing in ghana

CJ Affiliate ( Commission Junction ) is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs you can join in Ghana that brings together thousands of different merchants in one marketplace.

They allow affiliates to apply to merchants before they can promote any offers in the marketplace.

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4. JvZoo

JVZoo is another top affiliate program you can join in Ghana. It is 100% free to use for affiliates. JVZoo will let you have all your affiliate data and statistic in one convenient place so you can track your traffics and also you don’t have to chase vendors to get paid as well. They always paid on time!

5. Warrior Plus

affiliate marketing in ghana

WarriorPlus is a digital product platform founded in 2006 by Mike Lantz for buying and selling products related to online business.

It is a good deal for affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers, and media partners to promote products and earn money. Their marketplace is not complicated with products that will confuse you.

However, you need to request a product to promote from the vendor before you can get your affiliate links and banners.

6. Awin

affiliate marketing in ghana

Awin ( Affiliate Window ) is also on the list of the top affiliate marketing programs you can join in Ghana that gives you access to over 13,000 different merchants.

Just like Warrior+, individuals have to apply to vendors before they can generate their affiliate links.

However, upon the signup approval process, Awin will deduct $5 from your account but will refund it when the process ends successfully.

7. Avangate Affiliate Network

affiliate marketing in ghana

Avangate Affiliate Network is also one of our top-listed affiliate programs you can join in Ghana. They focused on digital goods and software, rather than physical products.

You can promote offers like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Hide My Ass (the VPN). It is a good platform for tech bloggers or anyone that offers digital products. They have over 22,000 pieces of software and digital products you can join to promote.

8. FlexOffers

affiliate marketing in ghana

And one of the best affiliate marketing programs you can join in Ghana is FlexOffers. They are affiliate networks that connect publishers to top brands and companies.

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Not only that, but they also assign one account manager to individual affiliates that joined the platform. These account managers will guide you on which products to promote or which ones convert best.

You need to sign up with FlexOffers today. They have over 12,000 advertisers or merchants on their platform and on average, FlexOffers adds 50+ new advertisers to their platform.

Therefore, you can always have new products to promote and make commissions.

9. PeerFly

affiliate marketing in ghana

Last on our list is Peerfly. The fastest-growing affiliate network lays great emphasis on giving publishers a very wholesome look into the best converting offers to promote and what is highly converting on the marketplace.


Before You Go:

Which affiliate program is best for beginners?

  • Amazon Associates.
  • ClickBank Affiliate.
  • 7dc.ng affiliate.
  • eBay Partner Program.
  • Commission Junction.

What are the steps involved in affiliate marketing?

  1. Start a website. …
  2. Develop a niche. …
  3. Decide on products that would be a good fit. …
  4. Create an Amazon affiliate account with Amazon Associates. …
  5. Look into other affiliate programs. …
  6. Create relevant content. …
  7. Optimize for SEO and develop an email marketing strategy.

How much do affiliate marketers make beginners?

The average income for an affiliate marketer is $0-$100 per day. The top 10% of affiliate marketers earn over $1,000 per month. That means if you’re in the top 1%, your monthly earnings could be as high as $10k or higher.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable?

A report by Awin shows that affiliate marketing is worth $16 billion and growing at an approximately 10% rate each year. It’s a popular method to earn passive income as a content creator with an established audience, like blog subscribers or social media followers.

In Summary

These are the top affiliate programs you can join in Ghana and make money from home. Make sure you sign up with the affiliate network so that your audience or visitors will resonate with their offers.

Again, you don’t have to join only one affiliate program but you can sign up with all that you’re interested in for high commission payouts.

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