Teddy Afro Net Worth

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Teddy Afro net worth and facts you need to know! The Ethiopia afro star singer is well known for his songs around politics, culture, people, and Africa. And because of that, most afrobeat lovers and fans have started asking about his net worth. In this article, youth4success will be detailing Teddy Afro’s net worth alongside his biography and facts about his videos. Are you ready to know more about Teddy Afro and his net worth? Read on!

Who Is Teddy Afro?

Teddy Afro is an Ethiopian singer and songwriter known for his revolutionary songs and political dissent sentiment. Tewodros Kassahun Germano ( Teddy Afro ) was born on 14 July 1976 and is widely considered the greatest artist.

Teddy Afro Biography

“As a child, I remember that we lived as one nation. We knew a nation that is called Ethiopia,” Teddy said.

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“But nowadays, we are identified and called by our ethnic background. And this has already become dangerous.”

Birth NameTewodros Kassahun Germamo
Artist Stage NameTeddy Afro
Date Of Birth14 July 1976
OriginAddis Ababa
GenresEthiopian Music | Reggae | Pop
OccupationSongwriter | Singer | —-

Teddy Afro made his debut in 2001 with the album Abugida, quickly establishing himself as a prominent voice in his native country. That album was a homage to the country’s final emperor from 1930 to 1974, Haile Selassie I, and its lead single “Jah Yasteseryal,” questioning whether the government was improving the country, became a protest anthem.

In this context, Teddy’s latest album, “Ethiopia,” was released in May and shot to the top of Billboard’s world music chart — despite his songs not being played on state radio and TV.

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Teddy Afro Net Worth is $1 Million To $12 Million

Teddy Afro’s YouTube channel is estimated to have a net worth of $167, 000 as of March 2021 according to the size of his audience.

Teddy Afro | Tikur Sew Video

Yet among the country’s largest ethnic group, the Oromos, “Tikur Sew” was seen as an outrage because it glorified an emperor who brutally absorbed Oromo territory into Ethiopia’s borders.

Facts About Teddy Afro YouTube Channel

Below are the facts about Teddy Afro around his YouTube channel and videos engagements.

  • Teddy Afro has 433K YouTube channel subscribers
  • His YouTube channel get 445 new subscribers every day
  • Teddy Afro YouTube videos get 134K views everyday

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