Who Is Mizz Twerksum? Everything You Need To Know About The Twerk Team

The Queen of twerk has appeared in several hip-hop music videos displaying her twerking moves. When it comes to twerking in the United States, you can’t forget about the queens of twerks. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about. Hihihihii🤣😂🤷‍♂️

Who Is Mizztwerksum?

Mizz Twerksum is an entrepreneur and dancer known as one of the Queens of Twerk. She and her other half, Lady Luscious, run the joint YouTube channel “TheOfficialtwerkteam,” which has garnered a following of more than 597K subscribers.

Real NameMargret Willis
Date Of BirthSeptember 21, 1992
Age29 (As of 2021)
Instagram Account: mizztwerksumoffical
Net Worth$5 Million

Early Life, Family, And Education

Born as Margret Wilis, Mizz Twerksum was born on September 21, 1992, in Illinois, United States. There are no details about her parents available to the media. Besides, there is no information about how she started her early days.

She holds American nationality. Twerksum is always seen twerking her booty on her Instagram page or YouTube videos. She is often known as one of the queens of twerk. She has a joint YouTube channel called “TheOfficialtwerkteam.”

She collaborated with her other half, Lady Luscious, who is also a model. Concerning her education, there are no details about her academic life to the media. But we believe she had a formal education in The US. We are always in the loop to update our posts anytime she comes out with details about her life.

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Mizz Twerk started as a dancer, twerking her booty. She is always seen with her sister, Lady Luscious. They have a joint YouTube channel, “TheOfficialtwerktem.” According to reports, Mizz and her sister attended local parties and performed several dance routines together.

The queen of twerk has been featured in several hip-hop music videos where she displays her charming twerking moves. Apart from that, she is known as the queen of twerk. She is actively modeling her dancing sensation on her social media hangouts.

About Twerk Team (Officialmizztwerksum)

Twerking became viral in 2013, where everyone girl with a booty started twerking all over social media videos. But the idea of twerking came from two sisters. Twerksum and Lady Luscious. They formed the Twerk Team and started building their following with the tag Official Twerk Team. They are known as the queens of twerking.

“Well, it was just a group of girls. It basically started from a friendship. We posted a video and got a bunch of views. We just posted the video having fun because twerking wasn’t something people was doing back then. It basically got started from a video just going viral. Soulja Boy reposted for us, and it got millions of views.” -said Lady Luscious

And according to Mizz Twerksum, the Terk team started back in 2007. “We did the video in late 2007, early 2008. We were in high school. Right now, I’m 21, and L is 22.”

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Mizz Twerksum Instagram

The queen of twerk has over 9,689 followers on her Instagram account, of which approximately 90% consists of videos of her booty shaking while wearing very tight shorts. Mizz Twerksum is on Instagram as “mizztwerksumoffical

Mizztwerksum Onlyfans Account

Mizz Twerk is also on Only Fans as Officialmizztwerksum. She has posted 466 content and has gotten over 58K likes. Here is the caption on her Only fans profile:

“Want to see me twerk? This is the only spot where I will be uploading new twerk videos and content for my loyal fans. Get to know me on a more personal level let’s chat!”

What Is Mizz Twerksum Net Worth?

Mizztwerksum has an estimated Net Worth of $5 Million as of 2021. She garnered this fortune due to her twerking videos on her social media, YouTube videos and has featured in other hit music videos.

Her Photos


Here is everything you need to know about the queen of twerk and the twerk team. They claimed they were the first to introduce twerking on social media. And since then, twerking as became one of the sensational dance moves today especially among ladies with big buttocks.

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