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JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2022: $1-2 Million

What is JJ Da Boss net worth? Since he first appeared on the scene, JJ Da Boss and his family have won the hearts of the Street Outlaws franchise’s viewers.

Due to the size of his family and spectacular automobile collection, JJ Da Boss rapidly won over fans and piqued their curiosity about him. Let’s examine the father of eleven’s wealth in detail!

Stage NameJJ Da Boss
Real NameJonathan Day
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1973
Height5ft 9in
WifeTricia Day
Number Of Kids11
OccupationTV, Actor, Racing Driver
Years Active1992-Present
Net worth$2 million
JJ Da Boss net worth summary

Who is JJ Da boss?

JJ Da Boss’ real name is Jonathan Day. JJ Da Boss, one of the most popular cast members of Street Outlaws, is known for his love of speed and his lifelong commitment to racing alongside his wife, Tricia Day. JJ puts in a lot of effort to earn money and support his family because they have four kids.

He grew up in a rural area so he looked for ways and hobbies to fill up his time. JJ da Boss graduated from Rivercrest High School in 1992 in Mississippi County, Arkansas. During this time he developed a street gangster personality

JJ Da Boss biography

JJ Da Boss, born on August 10th in 1973 which makes him 48 years old right now. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in the town of Joiner in Arkansas.

When he was young he was surrounded by street racing. His mother would let him watch his father and his uncle street race. He was sentenced to eight years for crimes he committed during this time. After he was released from prison he built his life fixing cars. 

JJ Da Boss career

JJ Da Boss is the head of the Memphis racing family. Boss has been around street racing from an early age when his mother used to send him to watch his father and uncle street race.

JJ Da Boss got his big break when he featured on the reality television show named, Street Outlaws: Memphis that began airing on Discovery Channel on January 25, 2018. The reality television star leads his team to race and place bets together. Additionally, he takes on every challenge that the race presents

Boss became famous in the states after he won many street races and also featured in some famous movies performing stunts.

JJ Da boss net worth

JJ Da Boss Net Worth
JJ Da Boss Net Worth

it was reported in 2021 that Da Boss has an estimated worth of $1-2 million and his payroll starts from $16,00 to $166.00.0 Boss earned a large portion of his wealth from street racing.

Car collection

JJ Da Boss is a car lover and has a fleet. He owns a 66 Chevy II Nova that was his first race automobile. He owns a fleet of cars and any car lover like him probably has a massive collection.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Accident

According to the most recent report, following the viral news and videos of street outlaws JJ Da Boss’ accident posted on various social media platforms, many people in the United States were left wondering: What happened to JJ Da Boss?

Two images of two damaged vehicles showing JJ Da Boss and Tricia Trisha Day’s accident while snapping shots have been circulated on various Facebook groups.

About JJ Da Boss And Wife Accident

After quite a bit of analysis about JJ the Boss and Tricia Crash, we found the actual video that views the scene when JJ da boss’s automotive accident occurred. However, many individuals assume each Tricia and JJ da boss are optimistic and doing perfectly.

According to the report, the crash destroyed the two involved cars, but Tricia and JJ were seen on the recent YouTube trending video to have survived the collision.

In the current automotive accident that occurred during the filming of season 2 of Road Outlaws America’s Listing, JJ Da Boss and Tricia got one another.

Tricia went on to collide with a Manufacturing Van. Each driver had been instantly taken to the hospital with non-life-menacing wounds and will make a whole restoration.

Somebody penned on Youtube that “Tricia is barely awake in the car as there is the fire right in front of her face. Gawd, that was so tough to watch.

JJ running 100 yds to her within seconds was superhuman. Dag, that really got to me. Good to know that both have recovered and are fine to some degree. Phew! Getting a little too real.”

JJ Da Boss And Wife Accident Video

What Happened To JJ Da Boss Son

The absence of JJ Da Boss’s son Doughboy from Street Outlaws since season five has raised many issues. Many people are asking what happened to JJ Da Boss son?

Read on to find out more from him.

JJ has 11 children, but Doughboy is well-known because viewers like him since he appears very optimistic and exciting on screen. JJ impacted his son’s decision to follow family tradition and pursue a career in the automotive industry.

The audience adores the entire racing family, and they deserve appreciation for risking their lives for their followers and traditions. JJ ended up in the racing business because his father was also a racer.

How Old Is JJ Da Boss

Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss, is the leader of the Memphis racing family. JJ Da Boss is 49 years old as of 2022.

He has been around street racing since he was a toddler when his mother would carry him on her hip to watch his dad and uncle street race.

Who Is JJ Da Boss Wife?

JJ Da Boss’ wife name is Tricia Day. The two were made for each other. JJ and Tricia reportedly began dating sometime in 2008, according to reports.

how many Kids Does JJ da boss have?

As of 2022, JJ has 11 children and five grandchildren. Only four of his children are from his current relationship with Tricia Day, as he had seven children with his previous partner.

what is jJ Da boss net worth?

JJ Da Boss is estimated to have a net worth of $1-2 million as of 2022. Most his net worth came as a street racer and as an actor.

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