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Country music singer-songwriter Darius Rucker’s wife, Beth Leonard, has been by his side for over two decades. Get to know more about Darius Rucker’s ex-wife; her bio, age, net worth, family, and relationship.

Who Is Beth Leonard?

Beth Leonard is a retired Television personality and philanthropist; she came into recognition for being married to the famous country singer and songwriter Darius Rucker.

Darius Rucker married Beth Leonard in 2000, but after 20 years of marriage, the couple separated in July 2020. Beth Leonard is the co-founder of a non-profit organization called “Just Be You.”

Beth Leonard Profile

Full NameBeth Leonard
Date Of Birth1978
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Husband Darius Rucker (Ex)
Net Worth$255 Thousand

Beth Leonard Early Life And Education

Beth Leonard was born in 1978 in London. However, the correct date of birth is not known to the media. A middle-class Christian family raised Beth Leonard with her three sisters in New Jersey, USA. Her mother was a school teacher but later chose to become a housewife. Her father was an engineer and a businessman.

Details of Beth Leonard’s academic life are not yet known to the public. However, some online publications have confirmed that she owns a degree in Business Management.

How Old Is Beth Leonard?

Beth Leonard age is 43 years old as of 2021. She was born in 1978; however, her exact birth month is unknown to the media.

Her Professional Career

Beth Leonard started her career in event management and planning even in college days. She later pursued a career in event management, for which she has got the chance to work for several organizations, including VH1.

Her job required her to manage the schedules of artists and musical bands. She also served as a mediator for clients when booking artists and musical bands for entertainment events.

Besides, she ended her career as an event manager. After she met her husband Darius Rucker, she decided to become a housewife to become a loving and caring mother and wife.

She is the founder of “Just Be You”, a non-profit organization. The organization helps teenagers to build up their self-confidence through motivational talks and interactive workshops.

Beth Leonard Love Life And Family

Beth Leonard

Beth Leonard met Darius Rucker in 1998, and this pair started falling for each other. Darius was playing with his music band, Hootie and the Blowfish, in New York City. And Beth was also working as an event manager at VH1.

This duo started dating and afterwards decided to start a family together. On December 9, 2000, this pair got married and together have raised three children. The names of their children are Carolyn Pearl Rucker, Daniella Rose Rucker, and Jack Rucker.

There lived peacefully with their family in Nashville, Tennesse, until an incident happened in 2020. Before then, Darius acknowledged his wife, Beth, for marrying a musician like him in an interview.

He stated, ‘Beth is a strong woman. It takes a strong woman to be married to a musician, especially a musician who drank and partied as hard as I was. It took a long time for us to get to where we are now, and we say to each other all the time. I love us. I love our family. I love us.”

Unfortunately, on July 11, 2020, Darius and Beth Leonard Rucker surprised fans by announcing the end of their marriage via social media.

This is the message Darius shared via Instagram:

“Beth and I would like to share that after 20 years of marriage and much reflection we have made the decision to consciously uncouple. We remain close friends and parenting partners and continue to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Our priority will always be our beautiful family. We have so much love in our hearts for each other and will continue to encourage growth and expansion in one other. Please be kind as we take on this journey, and we thank you for your love and support always.”

What Is Beth Leonard Net Worth?

Beth Leonard once worked at VH1 before her relationship with Darius Rucker. As of writing this post, Beth Leonard, the ex-wife of Darius Rucker net worth, is $255 thousand.

5 Facts About Beth Leonard You Need To Know

  1. Darius Rucker’s 2008 song “Alright” was inspired by his marriage to Beth. 

“Cause I’ve got a roof over my head,
The woman I love laying in my bed
And it’s alright, alright
I’ve got shoes under my feet
Forever in her eyes staring back at me…”

2.  Beth Leonard is from New Jersey and used to work for VH1 in New York City. 

3. Beth is the founder of Just Be You, a non-profit whose mission is to build teens confidence through self-compassion and self-love. The organization focuses on life’s daily challenges as a modern teen and provides workshops, school assemblies, and motivational speakers.

4. After being asked out by Darius multiple times and turning his down, Beth eventually invited the musician to see a Broadway play for their first date. 

5. Beth has an interest in art and enjoys painting. 

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