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Best Paid Online Surveys Websites For Money

Are you exploring the best paid online survey sites in Ghana? Then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about online surveys and what to expect from paid online surveys in Ghana.

Online surveys have become the best side hustle to earn money from home.

You don’t have to pay a signup fee before taking a survey, and it is free to join. The demographic information you provide will help researchers match you with the detailed surveys and reward you for your time.

You can take surveys on the politics, fashion brands, household supplies, be the first to test out products, and many more.

What Are Best Paid Online Surveys

According to Wikipedia, a paid survey is a demographic survey where the participants or members are rewarded through an incentive program, generally entry into a sweepstakes program or a small cash reward, for completing one or more surveys.

Paid surveys allow companies to gain more insight into their products and services when people or customers share their opinions.

Moreover, sites like PineCone Research and many others conduct this market research and send them to their registered users to complete it for a reward.

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The reward can be a gift card to shop from their favorite online store or they can earn points which can be redeemed as PayPal cash. Payments are not usually very high, but when completed regularly can build up.

Are Paid Online Surveys Legitimate?

Yes! The top best-paid survey sites are legit and safe to sign up for. But wait, does online paid surveys worth it in Ghana? Can you make money from it? Should you stop your full-time job to do online paid surveys in Ghana?

In my honest opinion, I think online paid surveys are not worth it in Ghana, and they won’t make you rich or should either tempt you to quit your full-time job.

Taking online surveys is a big waste of time upfront, and you don’t get paid right away. So should you stop taking paid online surveys in Ghana? Not so soon!

Do you know taking surveys online for cash is also a side hustle to make money from home? You don’t need to pay any signup fees with paid surveys, and you can take them from home with your smartphone or laptop.

Best Paid Online Surveys Websites In Ghana

Here are some of the best paid online survey sites in Ghana to help you make extra money from home.

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best paid online surveys in Ghana

Triaba is a free online survey platform available in Ghana. Sign up with your dedicated email address and take your first survey. It can take you about 15 to 45 minutes to complete a longer survey.

The only way to make money with Triaba is by taking surveys. The more surveys you take, the faster you will earn and the more money you will make.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and GCode

Minimum Payout: $12.50


SurveySavvy is an online market research site that partners with companies who want to hear the opinions of consumers like you.

It has been serving its many satisfied partner companies and members since 1999 and is a well-known name in market research. It’s free to join, and you can delete your account at any time.

You can sign up to be a SurveySavvy member and make your voice heard through survey responses. SurveySavvy members will receive survey invitations based on their demographic information.

Payment Method: Check

Minimum Payouts: $1


Prolific, lately known as Prolific Academic, is one of the best-paid survey sites that reward its users for their participation in research studies. Signup for a free account with the Prolific research study group and share your opinions for money.

There are so many ways to earn money with Prolific research. Some of them include surveys, playing games, testing new products, or giving a public opinion on topics.

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Payment Method: PayPal

Minimum Payouts: $6.50


best paid online surveys in Ghana

Paidviewpoint is an online survey website where you can earn PayPal cash and gift cards for answering online surveys. Aytm.com (Ask Your Target Market) operates Paidviewpoint.

Your opinions will help market research understand how customers engage with products or services and are paid for your time spent.

Payment Methods: Amazon Gift Card and PayPal

Minimum Payouts: $15.00

Tips For Taking Paid Online Surveys In Ghana

Online Paid surveys works in Ghana. There are so many best paid online surveys you can do in Ghana to make a few cedis, but always don’t forget that online fraudsters are in the loop.

They can purposely set up a survey website to steal your personal information and waste your time with unnecessary survey questions. Therefore, to protect yourself and your personal information online, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Read the website’s privacy policy before signing up.
  2. Don’t pay any upfront fees or sign up for a site with a credit card.
  3. Read reviews before signing up; past members often have helpful tips or warnings that may be useful.
  4. Don’t share sensitive information like your Social Security Number, bank account information, or driver’s license number.
  5. Use anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer.
  6. Avoid sites that offer thousands of dollars or perks that sound too good to be true
  7. Use a dedicated email address just for survey accounts.

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