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Benefits of Hiring a Tax Accountant for Your Company’s Tax Audit

If there is one thing most (if not all) business owners dread, it’s a tax audit. In addition to being a very stressful process, dealing with a company tax audit by yourself can often lead to mistakes that can land your business in trouble with HM Revenue and Customs or the IRS.

Another common issue with tax audits is that they tend to happen years after your company has filed its tax returns. Thankfully, you can significantly reduce the stress of a tax audit and maximize your chance of an acceptable resolution by working with a qualified and experienced tax accountant.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Tax Accountant for Your Company’s Tax Audit

Below are some of the top benefits of hiring an accountant when your company is facing a tax audit.

1. Save Time During the Audit

This is especially important if your business has never dealt with a tax audit before. Even with companies that are capable of handling an audit, figuring out how to handle the process for the first time will take up a lot of time.

A qualified tax accountant will most likely have experience with managing tax audits for businesses of all kinds, and hiring one for your company ensures that each step of the audit is managed with maximum speed and efficiency.

The accountant will make sure that everything is set before important deadlines arrive so as to avoid any fines or penalties associated with an untimely response to the auditing process.

2. Making Sure that you do not Unintentionally Violate any Tax Laws

Navigating the obligations surrounding sales tax can be quite confusing, and many businesses often struggle with figuring out what they are required to pay.

Companies failing to collect or pay the amount of sales tax owed are common reasons for an audit. To avoid issues with the authorities, your company will need to complete tax compliance assessments on a regular basis.

A tax accountant can help with this. If your business has risk factors that make fraud more likely, chances are, you will get audited more frequently, so it is important that you have a tax accountant carrying out these assessment checks regularly.

3. Avoiding Costly Mistakes in the Audit Process

It is very easy to make costly mistakes during a company tax audit. Things like preparing or submitting forms in the wrong way can often lead to extra costs. In some cases, getting things wrong may lead the auditors to think that you are hiding something, and the more mistakes you make, the more your case is given special attention.

To avoid these potential issues, it is always better to hire a tax accountant for something like “tax service Epsom.” for your tax audit. In addition to making sure that all the necessary documentation is done correctly, these professionals have experience dealing with auditors, so you can be assured of a smooth and stress-free audit process.

4. Knowing What Financial Documents Are Needed During an Audit

Keeping the proper (well-detailed) tax documents for your company is very important, as they can come in handy during an audit or any other form of tax assessment. However, knowing what records (documents) to keep and which ones you can shred can be tricky. Thankfully, an accountant can help with this.

They know which documents will be needed for a tax audit, and they can also help organise your company’s bookkeeping system so there is a transparent and accurate record of your transactions.

5. Professional Expertise During Tax Audits

The tax system can be very complicated and complex, so you need the right professional by your side. A highly experienced tax accountant will have a detailed understanding of the system, and this can be leveraged to help your company’s audit resolve with the best possible outcome.

In addition to offering you expert advice, your accountant can also help you with the emotional anxiety of a tax audit, as they will most likely be dealing with the auditors directly.


A company tax audit can be a stressful and time-consuming process. However, with the right accountant, the process can be made significantly easier and quicker.

Knowing the right financial documents to prepare, expert advice, and avoiding costly mistakes and tax law violations are just some of the many benefits you get to enjoy when you hire a tax accountant for your company’s tax audit.

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