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One of Luis Miguel’s closest friends and confidantes is Marcela Basteri. The identity and potential location of the mother of the “Sun” will be revealed soon in this post.

On November 28, 1946, in Italy, Marcela Basteri Tarrozzo entered the world. When Marcela Basteri was ten, she moved home with her father, Sergio. Sergio was starting a new life with his girlfriend Catalina Mezin, and Marcela accepted Catalina as her daughter.

Full NameMarcela Basteri
Birth DateDecember 10, 1946
Height5ft 8in
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandLuisto Rey
ProfessionActress, Model

marcela basteri biography

Luis Miguel’s famous mother, Marcela Basteri, was born on 10 December 1946 and is an Italian actress in her own right. Marcela Basteri, who is 79 years old and 5 feet, 8 inches tall, was once a model. Her tresses were white, and her eyes were a deep blue. Her money is a mystery, and just a little amount of information is known about it. Her three sons, Luis Miguel, Alejandro, and Sergio, are all grown and on their own.

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Further details about her early life are as follows: she spent most of her youth in Carrara, Tuscany; she had an early interest in acting and modeling; and she made her film debut soon afterward.

Although her death has not been proven officially, the mystery surrounding her disappearance continues to fuel rumors and speculation.

How She Started Her Career

Marcela started as a model before moving on to a career in acting and creating screenplays. She started performing at an early age and has gone on to great success. She is famous for being the mom of Luis Miguel, a famous singer and songwriter in Latin America.

More than 100 million copies of Luis’s albums have been sold worldwide. In 1986, she took her then-four-year-old son Sergio on a plane ride to Italy. After that fateful day in 1986, she disappeared.

Uncertainty surrounds Marcela Basteri

It was confirmed in 2010 that Marcela Luismiguel’s son was in treatment for drug abuse. He might highlight his mother’s whereabouts and point to a potential hiding spot. The rest of Miguel’s family remains silent while Miguel responds to her mother’s accusations.

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Those close to Miguel have confirmed that Marcela is still alive and well in Italy, where she presumably keeps in regular contact with her kids.

We want to think this is still a mystery, but Marcela’s offspring haven’t confirmed it. Related to the above 2004 news report is the confirmation in 2012 by bandoneonist Walter Ros, one of Miguel’s musicians, that Miguel had formed a relationship with his mother during his time in asylum. Ros planned a music tour for Miguel throughout Argentina and Chile.

The song “I Always Looked for You” by Luis Miguel was supposed to be a dedication to her mom. Miguel told Rios that he had seen his mother, but she had shown no sign of recognizing him.

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is marcela basteri alive?

We can’t confirm is Marcela Basteri is alive or not, but her family says she is alive and doing well.

Did they ever find Marcela Basteri?

No one knew for sure where Marcela Basteri was. Despite Luis Miguel’s best attempts, she vanished without a trace, and no one has ever verified her location.

Did Luis Miguel ever find his mother?

Until now, Luis Miguel had not shared the news that he had located his mother, Marcela Basteri. His efforts to find her remained a personal affair.

Why did Luis Miguel fire his father?

Conflicts between Luis Miguel and his father and manager, Luis Rey, led to the end of their working partnership. Among the sources of tension was a struggle for financial and creative control over Luis Miguel’s career. Their tense dynamic has been extensively covered in the press and dramatized in “Luis Miguel: The Series.”

How old is Sergio Basteri?

Sergio Basteri, Luis Miguel’s brother and Marcela’s son, was born on February 28, 1979. He is 44 years as of 2023.

When was Marcela Basteri last seen?

In 1986, Marcela Basteri suddenly vanished from public view. Her whereabouts are still unknown despite intensive searches for her.

Who is Miguel’s real mom?

Luis Miguel’s biological mother is the actress Marcela Basteri. Luisito Rey, father of Luis Miguel Rey, was married to Marcela. Even though she disappeared under suspicious circumstances, her identity as his biological mother is not contested.

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