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Kevontae Ruggs is a former American professional football player for Ole Miss Athletics in the National Football League. He is the brother of estranged NFL player Henry Ruggs III who crashed his car into a woman and her dog through driving under the influence in Nevada on November 2nd, 2021.

Kevontae Ruggs has been supportive of his estranged brother after his brother pleaded guilty to a felony count of driving under the influence resulting in a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter.

wiki of kevonate ruggs

Full Name Kevonate Ruggs
Age 23
Date of Birth March 2nd, 2000
Place of Birth Montgomery, Alabama,
Zodiac Pisces
EducationMontgomery’s Robert E. Lee High
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black-American
Siblings 4
Mother Nataki Ruggs
Father Henry Ruggs Jr.
Career Football
Popular As Henry Ruggs III brother

Kevontae Ruggs’ Careerr

Kevontae played college football for Ole Miss in 2018. Before moving to East Mississippi Community College in 2019. Kevonate has 19 solo tackles and seven assists during his stay at East Mississippi.

Kevonate graduated from EMCC in May with Bachelor and when asked where he head after his graduation, he said:

I’ve just got everyone looking around, trying to contatc people for me, reaching out to people myself, things like that.

He told Montgomery Advertiser

Before Kevontae’s move to EMCC, there was an offer from Alabama which according to him was an offer to work his way up from special teams. But there was no guarantee as far as playing and even an intended position for the 6-foot hybrid linebacker.

Kevontae’s Involvement in Henry Ruggs’ Issue

Kevontae Ruggs, as the younger brother of former NFL player Henry Ruggs, has shown support for his brother in the aftermath of the incident.

Who is Kevontae Ruggs, Age, Career, and net Worth
Kevontae Ruggs [27] and his brother Henry Ruggs [11] after the 2018 game at Oxford. The first time the siblings play against each other

Following the car crash that resulted in the death of Tina Tintor and led to Henry Ruggs facing charges of DUI resulting in death, Kevontae took to social media to defend his brother and offer condolences to the Tintor family

In a tweet, Kevontae expressed his prayers for the Tintor family and asked for healing for everyone involved in her life. He used hashtags like #PrayersForRudy, #PrayersForHenry, and #PrayersForEveryoneInvolved to extend his support to his brother and his girlfriend, who was also injured in the crash. Kevontae also requested prayers for his own family and “everyone involved”

Kevontae further defended his brother against criticism from social media commenters, emphasizing that everyone makes mistakes and highlighting the positive aspects of Henry’s life, such as the good he has done, the lives he has changed, and his involvement in nonprofit organizations.

He expressed gratitude to Henry for bringing college offers to Montgomery and providing him with his dream car, and he thanked him for saving his life during his hospitalizations that year. However, Kevontae later deleted this post.

It’s worth noting that Kevontae has had health issues, including seizures, and Henry has been supporting him through his medical problems.

The bond between the brothers is evident, and they had previously discussed the idea of playing college football together, similar to their time playing for the Montgomery City Chiefs recreation football team.

Kevontae Ruggs is teamless and still hoping any opportunity will open to resurrecting his once-edged-up career in the NFL while awaiting the final verdict of his brother Henry Ruggs.

Kevontae Ruggs net worth

Kevonate is worth $100k according to several online sources. However, his estranged brother Henry Ruggs is worth $6 million.


will henry ruggs ever play football?

There is a chance of him playing in the NFL after his prison sentence if he wants to because the NFL had had over 871 convicted felons play in the league since its foundation in 1920

Who does kevontae ruggs play for?

Kevontae Ruggs is currently clubless after his college career with Ole Miss Athletics in 2018

what will happen to ruggs?

After pleading guilty to DUI, he is likely to face 3 to 10 years of prison sentence.

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