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Every timepiece lover has a Weiss watch, not for having sake but for its authenticity, durability, and flashy but affordable state in which they come. Out of the top watch brands to look for in the market, Weiss stands tall as the homemade watch with international appeal.

And as you love this watch brand, you must know the history around it and why it comes out strongly competitive against old watch brands both in price, style, and quality.

The Weiss Watch Company is a family-owned company of watchmakers. Cameron Weiss, the head of the company studied watchmaking at a Swiss Institution before starting the company with his wife Whitney Weiss after 10 years of full commitment ot watchmaking.

Who Is Behind The Weiss Watch?
Mr. Cameron Weiss

But before, he could even repair broken watches at 5 years and at 12, he created his personal skateboard.

I thought it was completely normal, My parents would tell people about it – like ‘how’d you learn to do that?’ and I didn’t learn, I just attempted. And sometimes, it worked, sometimes it didn’t

Mr. Weiss told Forbes.

Mr. Weiss Got Only Watch Repair Jobs After School

Weiss Cameron attended the University of Carolina and studied business with the sole aim of managing his company in the future. After graduation in 2010, he attended an apprentice-style program at the Nicholas G. Hayek Watch-Making School in Miami.

To keep focus and commitment, Weiss only applied to jobs about watch repairs. He worked at Audemars in New York and the Vacheron Boutique that had just opened in Beverly Hills.

His positions of work involve a lot of interactions with owners and that helped Mr Weiss perfect the brand that he works on after work hours.

I met a lot of people and was able to learn what their frustrations were, In learned what they liked and disliked.

Mr. Weiss’ Family and his team

Mr. Cameron Weiss, now 31 is married to his high school sweetheart Whitney who handles the marketing department of the company. Grunt Hughson, an employee, oversees the production of parts like screws and winding stems.

Their older daughter Genevieve and the newborn Vivienne Weiss are sometimes there at their feet while their two dogs, Bennet, a German shepherd, and Jules, a chocolate Labrador watch on.

Who Is Behind The Weiss Watch?
Mr. Weiss and his Kids

Pricing of Weiss Watch

The watch sells for about $8,900 with limited editions going for $9,000. There are other standards that go for half of those prices depending on the makeup and the design. Weiss watches have the lowest pricing on average in the market not because they are not worth it but because it is what gingered Mr. Weiss to pursue his dream: ‘the acceptable price”.

“One of the questions I got from a lot from friends, younger people was, ‘What’s a good watch for $1,000?’ I never really knew what to tell them. So that was the target price for me: I wanted to make something that I could say, ‘That’s a good watch’ and, as a watchmaker, ‘I like that watch, but it doesn’t have to be so expensive.’”

The Weiss Watch Company

Who Is Behind The Weiss Watch?
Weiss Watch

Weiss Watch is a company that specializes in making high-quality mechanical watches in the United States. Founded in 2013 by Cameron Weiss, a master watchmaker, and YouTuber on The Watch Makers’ Workshop. Weiss Watch aims to revive the American watchmaking tradition that was once flourishing in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Unlike most modern watches that use quartz movements or outsource parts from overseas, Weiss Watch designs and manufactures its own movements and components in-house, using state-of-the-art machinery and techniques. Each watch is hand-finished and assembled by skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest level of precision and durability.

The brand offers a range of models, from classic field watches to elegant dress watches, all featuring distinctive details such as sapphire crystals, exhibition case backs, and custom-made dials and hands. Weiss Watch also provides personalized services such as engraving, custom orders, and repairs.

Weiss Watch is more than just a watch company. It is a symbol of American ingenuity, craftsmanship, and passion. It is a testament to the timeless value of quality over quantity, and the pursuit of excellence over mediocrity. It is a vision of a new era of American watchmaking that honors the past and embraces the future.


Where is Weiss Watch Made?

The company is headquartered in Nashville Tennessee in the United States. Weiss Watch is an American focusing on looking ‘American’

Who owns weiss watches?

The Weiss Watch Company is headed by Cameron Weiss and his wife Whitney Weiss as the marketing director.

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