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In 2019 Adam Bieber, a sheriff from Wisconsin posted a series of mugshots that promptly went viral. The pictures were of Misty Loman and a meth addict arrested for drug use.

The sheriff posted the pictures to discourage others from using meth. Since then, Misty has disappeared from the public eye. However, her story has got many netizens’ interest, and they are looking to know what really happened to Misty Loman and where she is now.

When Adam posted the pictures, he failed to mention that drug use was not all that was behind Misty’s unusual appearance. Naturally, most people assumed that her appearance was due to her drug use.

When the pictures went viral, only a few people were sympathetic to her predicament. Most people mocked her appearance and blamed her for ruining her life, which Loman must have been very hard.

Well, if today is also your first time hearing about Misty Loman, then you’re not left behind. In the next paragraph, I will tell you everything you need to know about Misty Loman and the reasons why she’s making waves on the media.

Who Is Misty Loman?

Misty Dawn Loman was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is married to Gary Glass Jr. However, there are no details about their relationship available to the media as to whether this duo is still together or not. Misty Loman has two sons, Corey and Jacob, who also have been a great support to their mother.

According to reports cited by Youths4Success, Misty Loman’s battle with drug addiction started when she lost three of her children. When she was pregnant with twins, one died in the womb, and the other died less than a month after birth.

None of the children’s deaths was drug-related. She turned to drugs to find a way to cope with the pain.

Misty Loman Age

Although Misty Loman’s age is not certain, many publications claim that she was born in 1979 and is believed to be around 41 years old.

Misty Loman Bowling Green Ky Mugshots

When the sheriff posted Misty’s mugshots, many of those who saw her were under the belief that her drug use caused her appearance.

Misty undoubtedly has a drug addiction problem that she has been combating for years. However, she also has bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma.

Misty Loman’s scleroderma is the main reason behind her appearance. Scleroderma causes the skin to tighten and harden. While there is no cure, doctors can use various treatments to ease the symptoms and improve the quality of life. 

She also had bone cancer, and the chemotherapy contributed to her considerable hair loss. When she was arrested in July 2019 for drug possession, Misty Loman claimed that the drugs found on her were for nausea, which is one of the side effects of chemotherapy. 

While Adams’s intentions were honorable, he failed to mention the other life-threatening illnesses that Misty was struggling with. And this left her helpless to online bullying and ridicule from people assuming that her appearance resulted from her choices. 

Misty Loman Today: Is Misty Loman Still Alive?

Yeah, by Grace, Misty Loman is still alive, but she hasn’t recovered from the sickness. However, she’s in the grip of fear that she won’t live long on the earth. “I am sick, depressed, and homeless.” Misty Loman has lost hope in life: “I had no intentions. I was going to get high until I died,” said Loman.

Initially, Misty Loman had the mindset that she had no intention of getting the drug addiction in control, saying she would get high until she died, but someone has been able to change her mind.

Her family and kids begged her to get help. The judge on her case also agreed to long-term treatment for her situation. The faith that others had in her became her motivation. Misty gave her life to Christ and started treatment.

Although she still struggles with the sicknesses, Mindy is hopeful and has achieved peace of mind. She doesn’t live in fear of dying anymore. After being clean for over a year, she recovered her relationships with her family and friends and is glad to have them back in her life.

Misty Loman’s meth addiction is probably the most famous case of addiction in the world. Her journey from that state to where she is now is a sign to anyone struggling with addiction.

Anyone can do it one step at a time. Misty Loman’s timeline on Facebook has pictures of her having fun with her family. It seems that, at last, she is happy.

Before And After Drugs Meme

Misty Loman Before And After Drugs Meme

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