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Damar Hamlin’s net worth became a top query on Google when his career appeared to have come to an end to due cardiac arrest. Many were intrigued to know how much he would have at his disposal if that incident was the end of his career.

On Friday Night Football January 2023, the Buffalo Bills safety ‘died on National Television in front of the whole world’ after making a hard tackle on a Cincinnati Bengals player. It took him 10 minutes for his pulse to be restored by the first responding health officials and he was off the game for a while.

From the date of the incident, January 2nd to the end of January Damar Hamlin was cleared by 3 doctors to play football again.

Now you know what caused the surge in the quest for the net worth of Damar Hamlin, let’s get to know him more and know his real net worth.

Damar Hamlin is a rising star in the NFL, playing as a safety for the Buffalo Bills. He was drafted in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, after a successful college career at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hamlin’s NFL contract is a four-year deal worth $3,640,476, which he signed with the Buffalo Bills in 2021. His contract includes a $160,476 signing bonus, which is the only guaranteed money he received.

His base salary for his first season was $660,000, and it increases by $165,000 each year until 2024 when it reaches $1,055,000. He will be an unrestricted free agent in 2025, and he could negotiate a more lucrative deal with the Bills or another team.

Hamlin’s career stats are impressive, considering he was a late-round pick and a reserve player in his rookie season. He has played in 32 games for the Bills, starting in 16 of them.

He has recorded 125 tackles (86 solo, 39 assisted), two sacks, one interception, one forced fumble, and four passes defended. He has also contributed on special teams, making 12 tackles.

what is Damar Hamlin's Net Worth
Damar Hamlin

Damar Hamlin’s Net worth

Damar Hamlin’s net worth sits at $3.1 million as of July 2023. Thanks for signing the bonus and his salary. But he manages two personal businesses which are just another source of income to his net worth.

On his social media profiles, unlike other stars who list their clubs and numbers, he wrote “entrepreneur”. He is the CEO and owner of Chasing Millions also known as Chasing MS, a clothing brand that according to Hamlin, represents those who made it out of the hood regardless of things that bind them down.

He aims to create a community of like-minded people that empower other individuals to achieve their full potential in life.

what is Damar Hamlin's Net Worth
Damar Hamlin

He is also a co-owner of Jaster Athletes, a company that markets athletes. He co-owns this company with some of his colleague players, Dante Cephas, Donovan McMillion, Tahj Washington, Brandon Hill, and Derrick Davis.

He also has endorsements and partnership deals with big brands that also add up to his net worth.

wiki of damar hamlin

Full Name Damar Romeyelle Hamlin
Date of Birth March 24th, 1998
Place of Birth McKees Rocks, Pennyslavia
Age 24 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Religion Christian
College CareerPitsburg Panthers Football
Draft year2021
Height 6 feets 0 in
Weight 6 feet 0 in
Position Safety
Current Club 2023Buffalo Bills
Roster Status Active

Damar Hamlin’s net worth and his recovery after the tragic January incident are a testament to his resilience and determination.

He has overcome many challenges in his life, including growing up in a rough neighborhood in Pennsylvania and losing his father to cancer when he was 14. He has also been involved in charitable causes, such as organizing a toy drive for children in need during Christmas.

He is one of the best safeties in the NFL and has a bright future ahead of him. His net worth reflects his talent and potential, and he deserves every penny he earns.


what is damar hamlin’s contract worth?

Damar Hamlin’s contract is worth $3,640,476 for four years.

How tall is damar hamlin?

Damar Hamlin is 6’0′ or 1.83m tall

will damar hamlin get paid?

Yes, Darman Hamlin will be receiving his contractual payment of $660,000 which increases by $165,000 each year until 2024

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