Is Sqribble The Best eBook Creator Software?

Is Sqribble the best ebook creating software?

Are you thinking of creating an ebook as your lead magnet to attract new customers by giving them useful information? 

Admit it!

There is a severe headache in creating a powerful ebook for your business. The most critical part of it is when you don’t know where to start. We all have an author spirit within us; you may be good at writing high compelling blog content, but to create an ebook publishing is not as easy as ABC.

Again, think of the costs involved in hiring a ghostwriter, proofreader, editing, and designing the ebook with the cost of template designs. Huh! What even sucks is the delivery time of the ebook when given to a freelancer. You may have to wait for weeks and even months before getting your work done.

Therefore, to get everything done the perfect way, you have to do it yourself(DIY).

Yeah! Do it yourself.

Momentarily, What if I tell you:

  • Creating an ebook for your business is not as hard as you think?
  • It won’t cost you so much money as compared to hiring a professional.
  • That it will not take you so long to have your branded ebook with just a push button.

Ebook publishing involves many steps and in-depth research, but if you tap into the right procedure, the process will not be intimidating as it seems.

Ebooks and PDFs have been around for more than a decade with various names, such as lead magnets, guides, whitepapers, and reports. Ebook is also a means of generating a passive income online.

Whatever niche or business you find yourself in, ebooks are the easiest way to build an email list or create an info product to sell for profit. Think of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP); you can become an instant author and sell on Amazon and earn money online.

That’s why a new product recently caught my attention — it’s called Sqribble, and it’s an online tool that instantly creates professional eBooks, reports, whitepapers, and other types of digital books with a few clicks or taps.

In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Sqribble.

Sqribble is not the only ebook creating software; there have been many different eBook creator tools in the past. But this fantastic software has some outstanding features that no other eBook creator has.

Please pay very close attention as I will be reviewing all that this software can do with both pros and cons.

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what is Sqribble?


Sqribble is a cloud-based eBook creator tool. It allows you to create professional-looking eBooks, based on templates inside, with a few clicks, saving you a considerable amount of time and money.
Unlike other eBook creators, Sqribble immediately caught my attention because it has some advantageous features I haven’t seen anywhere else.

How do you use Sqribble?

Watch this short live demo video, or you can skip it if you prefer to read.

Paste Your Content URL

Sqribble allows you to convert your blog content into a complete eBook. It removes the HTML coding and takes only the content from the website with all the media included, or you can use the unlimited stock media from the panel.

Start from scratch

Create your eBook from scratch with 50 premium templates of 15 niche categories. You can select any suitable template for your business and design your eBook with this powerful software.

Copy and paste manually

Yeah! Copy and paste. You would have to follow the template you have chosen for your eBook and make some changes. Thus, grab your content from either a word document or any other document sheet and paste it. Very simple!

Upload Word File

Sqribble allows you to upload your written word document and convert it into a professionally crafted eBook. It is a perfect option for freelancers to design fast eBooks for their clients when they already have the content in a word document.

Who Can Use Sqribble?


Sqribble is most suited for freelancers, independent internet marketers, small marketing agencies, and small business owners who want to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish whitepapers.

Anyone can use sqribble, but it’s best for those who fall in the following categories:

🔷Product Creators

🔷List Building



🔷Facebook Ads




🔷Digital Marketers


Amazing Features

Sqribble comes with packed of built-in professional templates to give your eBooks that professional appeal along with excellent and attractive covers. Perhaps the essential feature of Sqribble software is that it’s straightforward and quick to build an eBook, and you don’t need any technical skills to create eBooks using the Sqribble eBook builder app. The following are the most fantastic feature found in Sqribble:

🔷 Automatic table of contents

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🔷Automatic headers and footers

🔷Automatic pagination

🔷Drag and drop design Add or delete pages

🔷Add your media

🔷300+ Google Fonts

🔷50 eBook templates (in 15 different niche categories)

🔷10 different eBook themes

🔷1000+ stock library

🔷Automatically create content (Woah.)

🔷Turn your book into a flipbook (double Woah.)

Pros And Cons

Although Sqribble has impressive features, it also comes with an unequal share of pros and cons. The software in its perfect features is powerful but lacks some functions that will make it exceptional. Below are my takes of the Sqribble review:

What I like about Sqribble
  • Simple customization options
  • Google fonts
  • Saving prompts
  • Client Management
  • Pre-Designed eBook formats
  • It doesn’t take much time
  • It is very professional
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop design
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
What I hate about Sqribble
  • Limited design options in the basic plan
  • The system doesn’t have automatic savings
  • There is no option for Undo
  • Less storage capacity
  • You can’t upload your fonts
  • You can’t create your custom color palettes
  • They have four upsells. That feels like a sales tool.

Pricing And The Upsells

Sqribble’s base launched price for a business license and agency is $67.00

Here’s a rundown of the upsells:


Upsell 1 ($97 )— Sqribble professional.

Unlock 150 more professional eBook templates (the best ones are in the professional version), graphics, and even more ready-made content for all kinds of niches.

Upsell 2 ($47) — Sqribble Prime.

Get 15 premium “limited edition” new eBook templates added to your Sqribble dashboard every month. It will increase your library over time and make you stand out from other users. It works out to less than two bucks for a template! (Much cheaper than stock sites.) Great for moderate users.

Upsell 3 ($77) — Sqribble Fantasia 3D.

It includes 2-in-1 features.

1.) Unlocks a 3D cover creation tool inside your dashboard, allowing you to turn “flat” covers into lifelike, 3d covers. Great for getting more attention and making your books look and feel more “real.” People do judge a book by its cover, so something to keep in mind.

2.) Create “Flipbooks” that turn your eBooks into interactive and animated pages that turn like in real life. They can be linked to from anywhere online and embedded on web pages with a single piece of code.

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Upsell 4 ($197) — Auto Job finder software.

If you’re going to be using Sqribble to create eBooks as a service to get paid, then Auto Job Finder is something you need. It will automatically find you related jobs across various freelance websites and notify you to fulfill them. A huge time saver and money earner.

Who is the creator of Sqribble?


Sqribble was developed by Adeel Chowdhry, a well-known internet entrepreneur and best seller with over ten years of experience and has previously created worldwide hits such as Pixel Studio FX, which sold tens of thousands of units all around the world. He’s known for producing high-quality professional solutions, and I expect no less from Sqribble.

Final Thought On Sqribble Review

With all the said on this incredible eBook creating software, I think it’s the best than ever with the automatic pagination, automatic content table, automatic headers and footers, easy-to-use drag and drop interface, more than 300 fonts to choose from, and many more.

Therefore, instead of spending hundreds or even thousands on freelancers or even more money on fancy software, I would seriously recommend giving Sqribble a test drive first. I think you’ll be amazed at how powerful, easy, and quick the whole experience is.

Again, I recommend you decide carefully before taking any other approach to buying this tool. It is not the only eBook designer software; you can use Adobe or Canva to create an outstanding design for your ebook.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions regarding this review.

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