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Ideas for Making the Most of A Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Technology in the medical field has made medical procedures convenient. Now, it’s possible to change the structure and appearance of a body organ through plastic surgery. One of the common procedures is nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty. You can perform rhinoplasty procedures for medical reasons such as treating chronic allergies, removing polyps, and improving breathing. Moreover, rhinoplasty can also be performed for beauty purposes.

However, rhinoplasty is a complex and challenging procedure to perform. It requires a highly experienced and skilled surgeon. In most cases, most patients end up not satisfied with the results. This prompts them to as for a correction through revision or secondary rhinoplasty.

If you want to have a successful revision rhinoplasty, please read the following article to learn a few essential tips that will help you.

What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an essential medical procedure to change the nose’s shape, structure, and functioning. For example, rhinoplasty can be done to make the nose smaller or bigger, change the angle and make the nose tips smaller. However, the results can be disappointing and unsatisfying.

Therefore, a revision rhinoplasty, also known as revision nose surgery or secondary rhinoplasty, is a procedure aimed at correcting the unwanted results from a previous rhinoplasty. If you are unhappy with the last procedure, rhinoplasty, or experiencing functional problems, such as difficulty breathing, you can request a Eos Rejuvenation . The procedure helps to deliver the desired results that were not delivered in the first procedure.

If you have problems such as a saddle nose, short nose, nasal hump, breathing problems, visible scars, or nasal deviation, among other undesirable features after a rhinoplasty procedure, then it would be good to go for a secondary rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Here Are the Best Ideas to Maximize Your Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

If the first rhinoplasty were unsatisfying, you would want to get the best out of the secondary rhinoplasty. The following are authentic tips that will guide you through.

1. Ensure Your Nose Is Fully Healed

Before taking a revision rhinoplasty procedure, ensuring that your nose is fully healed from the previous operation would be good. The healing process may take longer than you can think. For example, the swelling in your nose after surgery may take up to one and a half years to subside.

Additionally, the tissues in the scar take more time to heal, soften, and become flexible. If you rush to a revision rhinoplasty procedure, correcting all unwanted results from the first procedure will be difficult.

In general, most specialists recommend you give yourself at least one year after your first rhinoplasty before prompting for a revision rhinoplasty procedure. This ensures your nose is fully healed and ready for another surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

2. Get the Best Plastic Surgeon

For your revision rhinoplasty procedure, getting a new plastic surgeon would be good. If the first surgeon didn’t meet your expectations, you should get another one who will help correct the unwanted results. However, it would be best if you made a wise decision when choosing a surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty procedure. Go for the best and most highly experienced surgeon.

A revision rhinoplasty procedure is complex and requires a skilled and highly experienced [plastic surgeon who is sure of the process if you want to get the best results. To assess a surgeon, you need to look at the following qualifications before selecting a plastic surgeon:

  • Certified by the relevant authority
  • Has a vast experience in revision rhinoplasty procedures
  • Good reputation from previous clients
  • Samples or photos of the work done previously

Always ask as many questions as possible, including the surgeon’s background, experience, specialization, and specific skills. The surgeon should also provide you with all the relevant information for the procedure.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

3. Schedule More Consultations

The best way to be comfortable and sure you’re getting the right plastic surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty procedure is through consultations. It’s crucial to be well-informed about the treatment options and procedures.

Your surgeon should inform you how they will address the unwanted results from the previous procedure and ensure they meet your goals. Additionally, it would help if you had an assurance that the surgeon can address the issues correctly and deliver the best results.

4. Acquire Adequate Information from Previous Surgeon

To ensure problems from the initial procedures are well-addressed, you must provide your new plastic surgeon with helpful information from your first rhinoplasty. Therefore, you need to ask your previous plastic surgeon for essential details such as nose photos before the operation and a comprehensive summary of how the surgery was performed; in this case, you can ask for a copy of your medical record.

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

5. Plan for Recovery Process

Since the revision rhinoplasty is complex, the recovery can take longer than the first procedure. Therefore, you need to plan for your recovery. After a revision rhinoplasty, it’s common to experience bruising and more swelling than the first. One thing you can be certain of is you will have more restrictions on some activities after a revision rhinoplasty procedure.

Final Thought

It can be disappointing to fail to get the best results after investing a lot of money and great sacrifice for a medical procedure. However, you don’t have to stay with unwanted results. You can prompt for a revision rhinoplasty procedure to help correct any undesirable results.

To ensure you get the best outcomes in your secondary rhinoplasty, make a wise decision, especially in choosing a plastic surgeon. It is also good to do your research to ensure adequate information about the procedure.

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