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Waht does Lana Rhoades tattoos say about her and the people she’s been around through her life? You will be surspied to know the seasons and reasons of her tattoos,

Sometimes people exit your life or you leave people and move on due to what or who you have become. But you know what they say? People come and go but the memories we leave will forever live with people even when we pass.

That is why Lana Rhoades is yet to erase or cover up her butt tattoos after years of moving on from the people that made her draw those tattoos.

Lana Rhoades tattoos are three in number: one on her butt, one on her shoulder and the last one on her thighs. In this article, I will explain what these three Lana Rhoades tattoos mean to her according to her.

Before that, you might want to get updated on who Lara Rhoades is, her net worth, or her baby and her baby daddy.

Lana Rhoades Tattoos On Her Butt

Lana Rhoades Tatto

Lana drew the ‘love sign and Jon’ tattoo on her butt for her ex-husband. According to her on the Inspirational Shite podcast, right before she quit the adult movie, she met this guy, and one month into the relationship, she opted to have his name tattooed on her butt, and she did. “And it turned out to be a piece of good luck, because we’ve been together for the longest time”. She said on the Podcast

To keep memories of her first real love, she drew a love sign on her but with the words ‘Jon’, the name of the guy.

They later got married after she quit the adult movie industry and it lasted for more than two years with the said man before they part ways.

The tattoo can be seen in some Lana Rhoades movies. Though she never revealed the identity of this man, she spoke highly of him anytime she is given the platform. And the tattoo and the inscription are enough to say Lana really loved her first man.

Lana Rhoades’ Tattoo on her shoulder

The Dragon Tattoo on the left shoulder of Lana Rhoades is a sign of her natural wildness and daring power. She got the tattoo after she quit the adult movie. According to her, she knew she was going to be an adult movie actress from the age of 14 and she dared herself to do it.

Lana Rhoades Tatto

So, the dragon symbolizes her daring power and eagerness to try new things.

Lana Rhoades’ Tattoo On her Thighs

The last tattoo of Lana Rhoades is the tattoo on her left thigh in Arabic. I use Google Image translator to translate the Arabic and its says, “A museum full of art that you could close your eyes to”.

It is believed that the statement is a subtle reply to his critics who always condenm her. But the former actress have not spoken about her third tattoo.

Though life after adult movie has been challenging emotionally and psychologically for the 23 years old, she relies on her inner strength and her daring ability to keep moving at times when people devalue her.

She said she has never regretted her choice of joining the adult movie as it has given her different perspective of what the world really is and how hard it is to be from a poor background and trying to make something out of nothing.

She is currently the marketting consultant for Brazzers, another adult movie production company, and also owns lingerie and other women wears line in partnership with Yandy. She is also the cover art of PlayBoy Magazine and aside from those, she owned her weekly podcast, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen on her YouTube Channel with over 1 million subscribers.

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