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Education plays an indispensable role in shaping how we see the world. It has the potential to change the perspectives of people, make them more aware, and lead to the betterment of society. Today, the way one learns has completely changed. Technology has replaced the old learning methods.

With the help of technology, students, or anyone for that matter, can learn without restricting themselves to the classrooms or textbooks.

You can explore beyond books and learn through visuals, audio, games, etc. Various technology-powered tools have made education much more accessible than it ever was.

As a result, people have come up with various EdTech startups to further improve this access to education.

In this article, we will take a look at the top innovative startup solutions that have significantly contributed to making quality education more accessible. 

1. Udemy 

With thousands of courses taught in over 75 languages, Udemy is one of the leading learning platforms, offering accessible and quality education. Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, it is a company that allows you to learn any course of your choice using a simple application.

Whether it is science, politics, commerce, or any other domain, Udemy has made it convenient for students to further their career goals and learn at their convenience. This is because these courses are self-paced, and you are in full control of what and how you study. 

Students in college have immense academic pressure. This burden gets intensified when you have to submit multiple essays, and you have not even begun to write them.

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2. Preply

Keeping up with many subjects in college can be tough, especially when you are a slow learner and the learning materials are unclear. Preply helps all such students to find a suitable tutor for themselves.

It provides multilingual tutors so that a student from any part of the world can get a tutor that can make them understand the subject in their language. When you learn a concept in your native language, the learning process becomes simpler.

The platform boasts over 100K students. This startup was launched in 2012 and since then has been going strong. Preply can quickly help you get a tutor from a team of experts who can make you learn in a structured manner. 

Starting your own business can be an exciting yet challenging experience. However, the hurdles should not stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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3. Brainly 

How many times has the following happened to you? You have opened your textbooks to complete your homework, but the tough questions have made you get a headache? Then, you find it awkward to ask your school teachers for advice outside the classroom.

This is where you can find Brainly useful. It is an EdTech application that has made it easier for students to clear their doubts about any topic(s). You can ask a question anytime you want to, and you will have online tutors from around the world to answer them quickly.

Brainly was founded in 2009 in Poland. The app currently has gained over 300 million users, which showcases its popularity among the student community. 

4. Outschool 

It is designed to assist parents in educating children they want to homeschool. Outschool is a most sought-after online learning platform that can help students learn from more than a thousand live classes.

You can choose any field you and your child are interested in and find the appropriate study material on this application. 

At this moment, Outschool has got over 500k students subscribed to their services. It was launched in the year 2015 in San Francisco. The application takes feedback from its customers as often as possible to make the app more efficient and make the content on the platform more interesting and engaging. 

Final Words

Living in a technologically advanced world comes with its own set of perks. Technology has transformed the education sector remarkably.

Today, students can learn at their convenience without fully relying on the support of their teachers and classmates at school. EdTech startups are currently dominating the world. They have made learning fun and engaging for every student.

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