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How To Make Money As A Freelance Translator

You can make a living as a freelance translator in 2023. More people are making the plunge and hoping to become successful in the gig space. The primary reason for this shift is the realization that people can work from anywhere.

This understanding has completely changed how people view regular jobs. On the other hand, working as a freelance translator gives you the flexibility to build your schedule.

You also have the option of selecting your preferred topics to handle. If you are keen on knowing how to make money as a freelance translator in 2023, you should keep reading this article.

Identify a Niche

In this day and age, having a specific niche is essential for success in freelancing. As such, becoming a freelance translator requires you to identify the languages you want to work with. After this, you will want to ask yourself what you want to work on.

A good rule of thumb is to niche down to what you know or are comfortable writing about. For example, if you are a financial expert who is proficient in multiple languages, you can take on financial translation tasks. Depending on your expertise, you may perform translations in several fields, which include:

  • Medicine;
  • Law;
  • Humanities and arts;
  • Science.

In addition, you can choose to specialize in technical, academic, or conventional translation. The path you select will determine the skillset you will require. As for those looking to hire you, they may find you on translation services online. You will have different roles to play working as a freelancer.

Build Your Skills

Selecting a niche is usually the first step you take. Subsequently, you will want to build the skills you require to be successful in your career. The best way to start this journey is to enrol in online courses.

Several online platforms offer users paid programs on freelancing and translation techniques. Usually, these courses may include a mentor who will guide you on your path.

Alternatively, you can pick up free tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. The only downside of taking this option is you may not have the structure offered in courses organized by education platforms.

After learning the trade, you should work with an agency for a while before going solo. Being part of a professional team will teach you things that may take years to learn independently.

Create a Portfolio

After acquiring the necessary skills to succeed as a freelancer, you must have evidence to show your clients if you want to be taken seriously. This point is where building a portfolio becomes critical.

In general, you will want this collection to contain details of the work you have done and what clients think about your skills. Therefore, it is always good to include every work you have done on your portfolio as long as you have positive feedback.

If you are new to freelance translation and your portfolio is empty, you should include the works you have done while learning the trade.

Develop an Online Presence

If you want people to know you are a freelance translator, you must establish an online presence. Doing this will help you attract new clients. Your first step should be to have a profile on a few top freelancing platforms, which include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Next, you must have social media accounts to reach more people, especially the younger generation. In addition, creating or updating a LinkedIn profile is nonnegotiable if you want to be taken seriously. Finally, you should consider having a website that presents your work as an individual or a brand – agency.


The first step in starting a successful networking process is to develop a solid online presence. Soon after, you will want to reach out to as many people as possible. There are several online webinars and events for translators on the internet. You should actively participate in these events.

Also, do not be afraid to tell people what you do. When you attend a physical event, ensure you share a physical or electronic card.

Manage Your Business

The last stage of learning how to make money as a freelance translator is to know how to manage your business. You can do this by including all the necessary applications required to run your business.

However, you should take good care of your health while working as a freelance translator. Doing this will save you trips to the doctor.


Freelancing as a translator can be a rewarding and lucrative career choice. Following these steps, you can establish a successful freelance translation business in 2023. Remember to always continue improving your skills and building your network. When you do this, you will be well on your way to a successful freelance translation career.

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