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If you think that coping with writing assignments is often a waste of time, this article will prove you wrong by showing multiple ways of utilizing your writing skills to earn money. Writing is a skill rather than a gift. The more you practice, the better writer you become. However, not everyone is ready to spend time and resources boosting their writing skills. Instead, they prefer hiring someone who can do this job better and faster. You can benefit from your mastery in many ways if you are good at writing. Let’s consider some of them.

Top Jobs to Earn Money Using Writing Skills

Freelance writing

The first obvious option is to become a freelance writer. You can control your schedule and work as many hours as possible during a week. Companies like PayForWriting offer students an excellent opportunity to combine work and study. You can help other students cope with their assignments by delivering well-structured samples of essays and research papers. You can also go beyond academic writing and offer your services to businesses, blogs, and websites looking for original content.

Content for social media

It is hard to overestimate the significance of social media nowadays. If you are aware of the current trends and enjoy creating content for a big audience, you can help companies with their social media account management. Create engaging captions, posts, and articles to increase brands’ awareness and engage as many new prospective clients as possible.


Start a blog to monetize it through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and digital product sales. Do a research study to analyze the possible needs of people to find your business niche. Ensure it correlates with your interests and passions. After all, you need to demonstrate some expertise while creating content for your blog.

Resume and cover letter writing

Offer to craft professional resumes and cover letters for job seekers. If you know what a convincing resume should look like and can write an impressive cover letter, use your skills to help others get the jobs of their dreams.


If you are into marketing, you will enjoy this job. Write persuasive copy for advertisements, marketing materials, product descriptions, and landing pages to attract consumers’ attention. Developing advertising messages for different segments of a brand’s target audience can be quite exciting. On top of that, you can assist businesses in crafting engaging email newsletters to communicate with their audience. Emails play a crucial role in keeping loyal clients satisfied and engaging new clients.

Technical writing

If marketing is not your cup of tea, you can create user manuals, guides, and documentation for software, hardware, or technical products. This job requires attentiveness and accuracy. Pay close attention to every detail to ensure every manual gives readers meticulous instructions.

Ebook authoring and ghostwriting

Write and self-publish ebooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to earn royalties. Gather the necessary information and share your valuable ideas with others. And if you are not sure what to write about at this point in your life, ghostwriting can be a great alternative. Write articles, books, or content for clients who take credit for the work. As a rule, they will give you specific instructions on what the result should look like. Therefore, you won’t need to develop engaging topics, as someone will always decide what to write about.


Even though scriptwriting requires additional skills and experience, you can try your luck. Perhaps, you have a natural talent and will become a famous scriptwriter in the future. Write scripts for videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content. You can start with podcasts, as this job does not require as many specific skills as other types. Ensure you understand the goal of every podcast episode before you start writing.

Freelance journalism

Making your journalistic voice heard at the beginning of your professional path might be challenging. However, do not let common challenges stand in your way. Contribute articles to newspapers, magazines, or online publications. Who knows, maybe you will receive a Pulitzer prize someday. Dream big and follow your writing passion.

Proofreading and editing

Offer editing and proofreading services to authors, bloggers, or businesses to improve the quality of their content. Even though tools like Grammarly can help with these processes, many people do not want to spend their time proofreading every sentence. Again, you can help students with their assignments, as they often lack time to do everything on their own.

Grants and proposals

Help individuals or organizations write grant proposals, business plans, or project proposals. Many people have no idea what to write and how to write this type of content. If you are an expert in this area, do not hesitate to offer your services.


Finally, if you’re bilingual, you can offer translation services. Translate documents, articles, or websites for different clients. Localization services are in high demand now, as many businesses want to conquer new markets. You can help those businesses expand by crafting appealing messages for different markets.


Concluding Thoughts

As soon as you’ve chosen the job that seems the most attractive to you, do research to learn everything about it. You should find out the average cost of writing services to set a competitive price. Find relevant platforms that will help you find clients. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family to recommend your services to anyone interested.

Think about creating a new professional account to advertise your services. Also, you can create a portfolio of your works to let prospective clients understand what to expect from you. It is better to spend some time and effort at the beginning of your professional development to attract as many clients as possible afterward.

If you have someone who already earns money using their writing skills, schedule an offline or online meeting with them to discuss all the benefits and pitfalls. Getting as much information as possible before diving deep into the working process is always a good idea. Keep being passionate about writing and experiment with trying different writing roles. Good luck!

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