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Attracting customers is a difficult process, but it is more (or somewhat equally) difficult to retain your current customers. One way to keep them on their toes – in a good way, of course – is to engage them in various activities.

In other words, it is to connect with them through content and social media i.e. live streaming. While businesses must develop a strong social presence, it is even more important for them to stay active and adopt the relevant trends and changes.

The first step in any change or improvement is the internet connection. Why is the internet connection so important? How else are you to connect with your customers, if not via the internet? What about learning about the trends and upgrading your marketing game? All of this is done via the internet. 

So, first things first, get a reputable internet connection like Xfinity Internet – click here to check out the availability of Xfinity internet plans in your region. Then, read this article and get your strategy in line with what you want to do! 

Q&A sessions

Hosting Q&A sessions is a great way to answer most of your customer’s queries without them having to go through a whole process just to ask them. This is a great strategy even for attracting new customers since they might be hesitant to try your brand due to some doubts. Of course, if you have a big brand, you have a lot more questions that need answering. Instead, you could set different dates for these Q&A sessions. 

For example, you could do a “once-a-month” Q&A session, and target a different product line each time. One thing you could do to boost engagement and the number of people joining your session is to invite the CEO of the business as well. This way, you are humanizing your brand, and your audience comes to trust your brand as well.


In order to gain or keep customers, you need to spend money on them. Basically, if you want people to spend money on your products, you need to spend money on them. Yes, we know that it sounds ridiculous, but guess what? That’s how the world works! 

One way of spending money on your customers is by hosting giveaways and contests. When you announce a chance of winning something big for your customers, lots of people will want to join in on the fun, and it won’t just be your customers, but other people as well.

Whether you announce the contest on a live session or by posting on your social media platforms, you should also set some rules and a few steps for entering the contest. The time limit could be as long as a few days or as short as a few hours. It could be an activity-based contest too, encouraging customers to do something before they qualify.

Products Reveal

All brands come to a point when they are releasing a new service or product. As a brand, you should take the opportunity to market this as well so that it garners attention and makes people want to buy it. Hence, a product reveal is the best way to increase awareness and raise curiosity for your current customers, and for new people as well.

A product reveal doesn’t just have to stop at showing or revealing what the new product is. In fact, you could demonstrate how customers can use this product and benefit from it. A live demonstration will also answer many questions that customers might later have from the get-go. This is also another way of driving sales since customers might decide to buy it sooner rather than wait for the reviews, but only if they really like it.


Offering a little sneak peek into the operations of any business humanizes the brand. The customer gets to see how your brand operates and it helps them see how much effort might go into crafting just one order.

This is especially true for small businesses since everything is done with extra care. Additionally, seeing how much effort and care is put into each order makes the customers feel like they are contributing to your hard work and it gives them a sense of satisfaction.

In Review

Live streaming is not a new concept in digital marketing, but it is not entirely old as well. It is a fairly new practice and the reason it is so popular is that people prefer to watch informational videos or live streams rather than read boring books about marketing your products and brand.

Additionally, when a brand adopts such practices, it shows people how trendy or modern the brand is and it encourages them to be part of the brand as their customers.

In short, if you want to stay relevant as a business, you stay relevant to your customers by keeping up with the latest technology and trends! Don’t just stop at one strategy or improvement. 

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