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Time to rethink whatever ill belief you have about cannabis strains, especially the Donkey Butter strain that higher medical use to save humanity.

In the part of the world where I am writing this from, any usage of any strain of marijuana or cannabis is highly prohibited. Obviously, due to how my people abuse it daily for a very higher level of ‘highness and relaxation’.

While many believe we consume it in our medicines or drugs from health centers, I wish they learn from this article and many others that there is a hybrid strain of cannabis called the Donkey Butter strain that can be used for more medicinal purposes than the negatives. Hence making some appropriation for its cultivation or education.

donkey Butter Strain of Weed

The Donkey Butter strain of cannabis or marijuana is a strain that is known for its unique aromas, effect, and medicinal uses. It is a hybrid or a cross of 3 different strains of marijuana, which are Grease Monkey, Triple OG, and Legends OG.

  • Aromas

The aroma of the smell produced by this hybrid plant is a pungent and earthy one. It is better described as skunky with hints of fuel and citrus. And the flavor you taste can be peppery, spicy, or lemon. Some users also report a buttery and cheese undertone, which I think birthed the name ‘Donkey Butter’.

  • Effects

The donkey butter strain produces sedating effects on the user but the effects can differ between individuals. It sedates mainly the mind and limbs of most users causing a greater sense of relaxation and stress release.

  • Medicinal Use

Donkey Butter is a heavy resin producer and has dark buds with deep green colors. And according to American herbal education resource Leafy, medical marijuana patients chose this strain for the physical and mental dullness that relieves them from chronic stress, body pains, and everyday troubles.

Where Does the Donkey Butter Strain Grow?

Donkey Butter was first seen in the Exotic Genetix based out of Colorado. However, as a mostly Indica strain, it can survive outdoors, indoors, and in greenhouses. But is mostly planted indoors because of its rarity and it does well indoors than outdoors.

Donkey Butter is not a strain that is easy to find, as it is only cultivated by a few select growers who have access to its original genetics. It is mostly grown indoors, where it can thrive in a controlled environment and produce dense, resinous buds.

Donkey Butter has a flowering time of about 8 to 9 weeks and can yield up to 18 ounces per square meter. It prefers a warm and humid climate, with temperatures ranging from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit according to sources.

Components and Uses of Donkey Butter Strain

Facts To Know About Donkey Butter Strain Of Weed
Donkey Butter Strain

Donkey Butter is a strain that is best suited for experienced users who are looking for a powerful and relaxing high. It has a high THC [ Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ] level that can range from 25 to 28%, making it one of the strongest strains on the market.

It also has a moderate CBD [ cannabidiol: an essential level of medical marijuana ] level of about 1%, which can help balance out some of the psychoactive effects and provide some medical benefits. Donkey Butter can induce a euphoric and uplifting mood, followed by a deep body melt that can relieve pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss.

However, it can also cause some side effects, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, anxiety, and drowsiness. Therefore, it is advisable to consume Donkey Butter in moderation and in a comfortable setting.

FAQs about donkey butter strain

Let’s clear your doubt by answering some of the frequently asked questions below:

What is donkey butter strain?

Donkey Butter is a marijuana strain of the Indica family of cannabis that was made by crossing Grease Money, Triple OG, and Legend OG. Meaning it is a hybrid strain discovered mainly for medicinal purposes.

Can you make Donkey Butter Strain?

Donkey Butter was created by crossing 3 different indica species, Grease Monkey, Legend OG, and Triple OG with the ancestry of GG4 and GCS, to make it, grow indoors or outdoors where there is humidity and hotness of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take for Donkey Butter to grow?

From the time planted to flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks

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